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Treadmill is exercise equipment used for running and walking while staying in the same place. The design of the machine includes a wide conveyor belt driven by an electric motor or a flywheel. Now days, conveyor belt speed is set by electric motor and user walk or run over the belt. This machine is very useful for oxidation process in entire body.

Treadmills are considered to be one of the best equipment for aerobic or cardiovascular exercises. There are two types of treadmill electric that comes with the motor and another is manual treadmill. Working on them not only burns the fats but also strengthens heart muscles and improves circulation process in the body.

Treadmill Advantages and Disadvantages


  • You can work-out anytime independently on weather conditions
  • Walking or Running Speed can be managed as per user preferences
  • Treadmill uses Urethane Deck Elastomer Rubber and works for long time
  • Can calculate calories burned, distance walked or run, heart pulses


  • Running in Indoor, Causes less memory consumption than in free air
  • Doesn’t offer psychological satisfaction
  • May cause injury if not used properly

Top 5 Treadmills of 2016

Treadmill Workouts For Men and Women

Body Get toned and muscles gets stronger when you move your body and go out of your comfort zone for workouts. There are numerous workouts that can be done through these treadmills which helps in toning the body and strngthening the muscles. Some of the great workouts that can be done using treadmill are –

  • Walking– Suitable for senior citizens who do not get time to go outdoors for a morning or evening walk.
  • Jogging– A much tougher than walking, jogging is helpful in shedding some extra calories and maintaining a sound health.
  • Running– Gives the same effect as of running in the open air. Instead it has some additional features such as inclining, declining, resistance control according to your own, display for your workout etc.

Complete Treadmill Maintaining Tips and Tricks Guide

Read about some treadmill tips, guide and tricks to maintain and keep your treadmill sun smooth without any problems in your workouts.

Treadmill Buying Guide – How To Choose Best Treadmill in Your Budget ?

Finding the best one is a hectic task so read on the points to make it more easier and to purchase a treadmill in your budget. Cost is one of the major hurdle when you walk out for a treadmill as these running machine are little costlier than the other fitness equipments. First thing you need to fix is you budget as to how much are you willing to spend on a Treadmill. Read More.

Most Common Problems That can Occur in Your Treadmill

Read about some of the most common problem which you treadmill can face after some time of use. What you need is to maintain your machine for its longevity and reliability. Read More

How to Fix Your Treadmill Problems ?

Treadmill with regular use after sometime needs maintenance and repair since it is a machine and machines have wear and tear. So If you come with a problem in your treadmill, here we h have discussed some most common problems and how to fix them . Read more about tips to fix common treadmill problems.

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would like to know if you carry a Quinton CR 60 treadmill Rehabilitation. also do you accept purchase orders.


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