Chi Machine

Chi Machine

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Chi Machine

In our daily life, we can notice a few regular activities we were once able to do that we no longer can do without feeling some pain i.e. Have to take rest during walk, Can’t regularly up and down to stairs which are symptoms of diseases like hypertension and diabetes. To overcome these types of physical situations, Chi Machine was invented by a Japanese Engineer – Keiichi Ohashi and works on Oxygen therapy.The Chi Machine originally known as Sun Harmony is a passive aerobic exercise device, developed and first manufactured in Japan. The exercise by this machine helps in improving blood circulation in the body that increases vitality and well-being.

The Machine have numerous benefits like it need no effort from the body and one of the main benefit of using this machine is that it help remove blockages in the lymphatic system, thus alleviating water retention and promoting the healthy functioning of the immune system.

How to Use Chi Machine

User lying on a flat surface either floor or table and places his ankles in ankle cradle of the machine. The oscillations speed of the machine is about 100 – 200 RPM. If you have pain in back or in knees you can place a pillow underneath your knees.Physical movement causes oxygenation and detoxification and offers benefits in chronic pain, blood circulation through body, to stronger immune system and weight-loss.

Beginners should not do more than 2-3 minutes and after some time can increase the timings.

Leading Manufacturer of Chi Machine

  • Deng Shuenn Industrial Co Ltd
  • Evertop Hardware Industrial Co Ltd
  • Xiamen Comfier Technology Co Ltd
  • Miracle International Trading Co Ltd
  • Gongchang Plastic & Metal Products & Co Ltd

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