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Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bike is also known as stationary bicycle, exercise bicycle or exercycle. This is a special-purpose fitness machine similar like a bicycle without true wheels. Exercise Bikes, a cardiovascular fitness equipment generally have a saddle, pedals, and some form of handlebars. This equipment helps you to burn your extra calories and also offers the enjoyment of cycling inside your home. Exercise Bikes are very useful for enthusiastic cyclist in all weather conditions.

Exercise bikes are good cardio equipments that is equal to running in open area and improves the metabolism and improves heart muscles. They comes in two forms which mainly differs in their inclinations. User can adjust its difficulty by setting its resistant level for better results. Today these bikes are an integral part for aerobic exercises.

Types of Exercise Bikes

  • Upright Exercise Bikes
  • Recumbent Exercise Bike

Exercise Bikes Advantages and Disadvantages

Exercise Bike Advantages

  • Beneficial for cyclist for trainer for cycling events.
  • Increases stamina
  • Can calculate calories burned, distance covered, heart pulses
  • Offers Great Cardiovascular Exercise

Disadvantages of Exercise Bikes

  • Doesn’t offer psychological satisfaction
  • Indoor exercise causes less memory consumption than in free air

Problems of a Stationary Exercise Bike

With due course of time, a running exercise bike may undergo many technical issues, which can be either minor or major. User must have the little knowledge about the issues an exercise bike may undergo. Read More

2 Responses to “Exercise Bikes”

  1. Mike Hayes:

    Among all the other cardio machines, i prefer an exercise bike because it is injury free as well as very effective to maintain a healthy heart.

  2. M. Powell:

    What an amazing indoor bike. Bought last summer to continue my daily exercise and found it very profitable. Have stylish look, comfortable seat and suitable resistance level. It makes me feel like running a ordinary outdoor bike and train myself in every weather conditions.

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