Top 10 Benefits of Treadmills

Treadmill is an exercise equipment used for walking, jogging or running while staying in the same place. The design of the machine includes a wide conveyor belt driven by an electric motor or a flywheel. Treadmill makes up your requirement to walk, jogg or run outside and have got various benefits to owned at home. Some of the benefits of this fitness equipment is discussed below.

List of Health Benefits of Treadmill Workouts

1. Improve Cardio Vascular Workout

This cardio fitness equipment helps you to get a stronger heart, which consequently helps in proper blood flow from the heart to the other part of the body. Exercise on this machine improves the strength and health of your heart and lungs.

2. Burn Calorie and Loss Weight

Walking, jogging or running on a treadmill burns calories in higher rate, helping you to get a fat free physic. It has an estimation of burning 30 kilojoules / 7 calories per kilo of body weight per half hour while running at 14 kilometers per hour. Workout more and more to get an effective result with shorter duration.

3. Causes Less Strain to Joints

A wide conveyor belt of the treadmill is driven by an electric motor, which is a padded surface and causes no harm to your joints while working out. This quality of the treadmill makes favorable for working out for a longer duration.

4. No Worry of Tripping or Falling

There is no worries for tripping or falling while working out in a treadmill. Here your foot get a fine grip on the running deck, lessening the possibility of falling.

5. Self Set Intensity

Here you can workout according to the intensity you desire or capable. Set the speed accordingly and enjoy your workout session.

6. Can be Used Any Time

As treadmills is an indoor fitness equipment, you can use it whenever you get time. You don’t have to worry for the time and also the weather outside.

7. Know Workout Results

Generally every modern day treadmill has a console, which displays your workout result such as calorie burnt, workout time, speed, distance traveled etc. This keeps you motivated to increase you workout intensity day by day.

8. Entertainment

Music is very relaxing if we are going through any agony like wise it helps a lot when we are doing any heavy physical labor. An additional feature found in almost all the treadmills is a music port, which allows you to insert you ipod jack and enjoy your favorite music. A LCD display can also be found in some of the treadmill models, to keep you motivated.

9. Everyone can Use

Treadmills are very simple to use, so everyone of your family can use. A single treadmill would be sufficient for your whole family. Distribute workout timings for different family members. These are strong enough to bear your body weights one by one.

10. Simulate Walking Uphill

Few of the treadmill models available in the market offers you the facilty to walk or run in uphill. This helps you burn calories in a more faster rate. Inclination upto 15% can be imagined in a typical inclined treadmill.

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