Roman Chair

Roman Chair

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Roman Chair

Roman Chairs are exercise equipments, used for lower back but you can also workout for gluteal muscles and the abdominals.

Types of Exercises on Roman Chair

Spinal Extension-This type of exercise is performed by a person laying in prone and then bending his waist upward and downward continuously. You can start exercise by entering chair, pad supports upper thighs and lock lower legs as well.

Spinal Flexion-Spinal Flexion is used for exercises of abdomen. Person lies on supine with hips supported by rear as he bent backward and lift up with rectus abdominis.

Knee Extension-Exerciser sits backing to the wall and pushing it using Knee Extension. Legs are held up via a combination of weight borne on the feet and friction created with the wall by exerting pressure on it.

Leading Manufacturer

  • Friends Trading Company
  • Summit Fitness Equipment
  • Regal Fitness
  • Fluid Tech Fitness
  • Unique Gym Equipment Pvt Ltd

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