FreeMotion Treadmills

FreeMotion treadmills are designed taken into consideration the user’s comfort. There are different models of this treadmill which are designed with various features with cater needs of different class of people for their regular exercise. It does not require much maintenance and steadfast fitness equipment. It also gives other attractive features which suits to new one and regular exercise doers too. It is also one of the brands of ICON Empire. Primarily, its name was ground zero fitness and after acquisition of this fitness provider by Icon, it has been renamed as FreeMotion fitness.

List of Freemotion Treadmills

Commercial Series-

  • FreeMotion Treadmill with WorkoutTV FMTL85009
  • FreeMotion Treadmill Basic FMTL82509
  • FreeMotion Reflex t11.4 Treadmill FMTL39809
  • FreeMotion Reflex T11.8 Treadmill

Light Commercial Series

  • Light Commercial FreeMotion t7.5 VMTL83607 Treadmill
  • Light Commercial FreeMotion Incline Trainer i7.7 VMTL83907 Treadmill
  • Freemotion Reflex t7.7 VMTL29811 Treadmill
  • Freemotion i7.9 Incline Trainer VMTL39811 Treadmill
  • Light Commercial FreeMotion t7.4 VMTL34808 Treadmill

Home Series-

  • FreeMotion 750 Interactive Treadmill SFTL12510
  • FreeMotion 770 Interactive Treadmill SFTL15510
  • FreeMotion Incline Trainer SFTL15619
  • FreeMotion 730 Treadmill
  • FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill

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