Woodway Treadmills

Woodway Treadmills

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Woodway Treadmills

Woodway treadmills have been designed uniquely. Unlike most treadmills with belts and deck, this brand doesn’t use any.WOODWAY treadmills really gives the athletes the advantage in their training and conditioning because WOODWAY treadmills are built unlike any other treadmill. Unlike conventional treadmills, the WOODWAY treadmills eliminate the belt slippage allowing the athletes to project their true speed accuracy that does not vary with the weight of the user.The difference between a WOODWAY and conventional treadmills is that the woodway uses a unique patented design that incorporates shock-absorbing rubberized slats and smooth-rolling ball bearings.

Why buy Woodway Treadmills ?

  • WOODWAY treadmills will provide a long lasting and effective cardio solution for your facility.
  • Save 50% on electrical costs
  • No Belt and Deck Maintenance
  • Less Downtime
  • Running surface lasts 200,000 miles without a single flip or swap
  • Factory Buy-Back Program – 20% of the purchase price up to five years

List of Woodway Treadmills

  • Woodway Desk-Mill Desk Treadmill

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