Fitness Accessories

While working you may require many accessories in a gym or a general workout at home. The primary role of fitness accesories is to provide you smoothness in in your workout and also to provide a more effective workout.

Features and Benifiets of Gym Eqipments

  • Prevents from injuries
  • Increases Stamina
  • Provides Smooth & effective workout
  • Makes workout more interesting.

List of Some Popular Fitness Equipments.

  • Aerobic Steps
  • Equipment Mats
  • Exercise Mats
  • Gym Balls
  • Ironwear
  • Travel Workout Kits
  • Yoga Mats
  • Fitness Bands and Supports
  • Gloves
  • Belts

Leading Manufacturer

  • Nivia Fitness
  • Tunturi Fitness
  • Cofit Fitness
  • Domyos Fitness

Fitness Accessories

Exercise Balls
The Exercise Balls are also known as Gym balls. This is an elastic ball with varying diameter range of 35 – 85 centimeters used in...
Exercise Mat
To avoid slippery surfaces or dirt on ground during exercises, these specially fabricated Mats are used. Mats were conducted by Kush grass in old times,...
An Aerobie is a flying ring used like a flying disc , for recreational activities between two or more people. The Aerobie is a ring,...

Chi Machine
In our daily life, we can notice a few regular activities we were once able to do that we no longer can do without feeling...
Bulgarian Bag
Bulgarian Bags are made of leather/ canvas and filled with sand with flexible handles to allow for both upper and lower body training and for...
Gloves are safety accessories used while exercising in a gym. Handling heavy machinery may cause minor or severe damage to the users hand so, gloves...

Exercise Belts
Belts are very necessary while training through heavy machinery in a gym. Exercise like squat, T Bar etc strictly needs a belt. Training without belt...
Resistance Bands
Exercise Bands are used for variety of exercises and to avoid injuries as well just like in physiotherapy. These bands offer more than a hundreds...
Thigh Master
As the name of the equipments signs, this is used for Thigh strengthening. Thigh Master is a kind of metal tube bent in loop design...

Used for strength training, Bull Worker is an isometric exercise equipments consists of two-sleeves, spring loaded, telescopic cylinders in the center, with hand grips attached...
Balance Board
Balance Board is a device used for athletic activities, concentration, brain development, physical fitness, recreation and remedies. Probably all of you have seen see-saw with...
Bosu is a fitness training device shaped like a hemisphere of inflated rubber with rigid base. Sometimes, this is referred as ‘Blue Ball’. This kind...

Baoding Balls
Boading Balls are also known as Chinese Exercise Balls and Iron Balls. These balls come in the pair which is to be rotated repetitively in...
Punching Bag
A cylindrical shaped bag filled with corresponding material for required hardness in known as Punching Bag. Earlier, these kinds of bags were used in Martial...
Yoga Mat
To avoid sleeper surfaces or dirt on ground during exercises, these specially fabricated Mats are used. Mats were conducted by Kush grass in old times,...

Heating Pads
Heating Pad is a wellness product, used for warming body parts to relief from pain. Localized application of heat causes the blood vessels in that...
Travel Workout Kit
Travel workout kits helps you when you are at home or out for any outdoor activity and don't want to skip from your regular exercise....
Ironwears are fitness accessories used to increase stamina and ability to workout. There are different kinds of ironwear product useful for training different body parts....

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V S Jayakumar
V S Jayakumar
April 4, 2019 4:23 am

I am in need of a friction belt for replacement of a damaged one for my Kamachi cycle type exercising machine. Exact brand not necessary. Can you supply or can you suggest a shop at Ernakulam area where I can purchase it