Arc Trainer

Arc Trainer is also known as Cross Trainer. It is a machine refers working to various parts of the body. This exercise is very useful in the prevention of osteoporosis. Cross Trainer are helpful to increase strength, power and endurance and reduces weight. Arc Trainers can be compared to a treadmill in its ability for cardio exercises, but unlike in treadmill it reduces the impact shock on knees and legs.

The Arc Trainer can be customized accordingly for inclination and resistant one needs and has a variable stride rate. Arc Trainer has two types they are lower body trainer and total body trainer. The Total Body Arc Trainer same side movement pattern which makes both legs and arm to move together. This movement helps to have a great workout for upper body while minimizing the work load on lower body.


The Arc Trainer offers variable inclination, resistance range and striding rate. Unlike elliptical trainer, Arc Trainer puts combine effort to muscles that demands a lot of energy. All elliptical machines are Arc Trainer but all cross trainers are not elliptical.

Cybex Arc Trainer Benefits

  • No stress on the joints of users
  • Cybex arc trainer has a number of presets and customizable programs to work many different muscles in your body.
  • Arc trainers incorporates both arm and leg muscles

Leading Manufacturer

Cybex International is the only manufacturer brand of Arc Trainer. Company has launched three series of Arc Trainers (770 Series, 625 Series and 750 Series).

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Roger Green
Roger Green
May 13, 2014 9:51 am

Is an arc trainer risky to use. Once fractured my knee and so in a dilemma, whether to use in the gym or not.

Ann Discher
Ann Discher
December 30, 2022 5:49 am

trying to find someone to fix a Model# 350A home Arc trainer . Cybex NN957- 1/EN957-9 ClassH/A Class B,FCC . Everything works on this machine, but the resistance does not work.. Looking for a technician to fix this problem. This Arc Trainer is old but is used daily even without the resistance not working. I do have pictures of the insides of this machine. Please help,