5 Crucial Steps for Treadmill Safety

A treadmill is a testimony to various funny incidents at the gym. Do you remember any? However, as hysterical as it may be, such events can cause severe damage and have repercussions with a lasting effect. According to experts, taking necessary precautions and following safety instructions can prevent any injury or discomfort to the treadmill user in any manner.

Here are five essential tips for safekeeping while using a treadmill

Clip it on : Keeping in mind the basics, it is essential to wear the safety clip while using the treadmill. Many people neglect this safety measure because what could go wrong in a basic activity such as walking or running? Well, a lot can occur due to a slight distraction which can easily be prevented using the safety clip. This clip senses the distance between the user and the treadmill, and if it increases, the belt stops rotating immediately.

Wear it right : Wearing the right clothing down to the proper running shoes is essential for safety. The appropriate set of running shoes that create the right amount of traction and prevent boils and blisters caused due to the rubber belt on the treadmill. Whereas, the correct sportswear will ensure a full range of motion and provide comfort at the same time.

Chin up : Treadmills are like heights; they create distortion, especially among inexperienced runners if they gaze at their feet. This creates a loss of focus and may lead to something unwanted. On the other hand, maintaining the right form is essential too. Keeping your head straight and hands to the side ensures a full range of motion and helps avoid any pressure on the joints or injuries to the body.

Go Slow & Steady : It is imperative to watch your speed while using this gym equipment. Never go overboard when it comes to the selection of the treadmill speed as it may result in serious injuries. While starting the machine, standstill first and then start slowly, linearly increasing the speed, slowing down again towards the end of the workout. The same advice applies to the incline setting of the treadmill as well.

Steer clear of distractions : Most accidental cases on a treadmill happen due to a distraction. People often choose to listen to music while working out. However, fondling with your cellphone while exercising on the treadmill may not be the safest way to go about training. Keeping the kids is important to ensure their safety as well as yours. The machine is designed to assist in doing one thing at a time, and that is exercising. Thus it is best to focus on exercising without multitasking.

By following these simple instructions, diligently and attentively, anyone can master the treadmill for the best workouts in no time!

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