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Top 10 Treadmill Brands

Though there are many other treadmill brands, which may be far better than the brands listed in the Top 10 Treadmill Brands by This list is made by keeping in mind of all sort of qualities like price along... read more »

Top 10 Fitness Websites

Fitness is a very vast world, these fitness companies coordinates all there business through internet. Many sites are there in the internet that tries to help and guide you from buying any fitness product to how to use this. This... read more »

Top 10 Healthiest Cities

A healthy mind is also very necessary along with a healthy body. Few cities in the world are have been able to maintain a equal balance in this sector. For a healthy mind you need a clean healthy ambiance and... read more »

Top 10 Fitness Mistakes

Exercise is important for the proper growth of our body. But incorrect exercise can harm you more than what you gain. Generally some hard and fast rules are there, which states what to do before and during an exercise and... read more »

Top 10 Low Carb Foods

Obesity is a matter of concern these days. Consumption of low carb foods can be very effective in maintaining a good health. There are are variety of Low carb foods that are healthy as well as effective to maintaining a... read more »

Top 10 Gym Equipment You Should Have

If you do not have time to hit the gym, you can still manage to get a fit physic at home. For an effective workout at home many equipment will be required. Every fitness equipment has got its own... read more »

Top 10 Exercise Bikes

It is really a tough task to list just 10 exercise bikes from among these many bikes, having many attractive features. Below is a list of the top 10 exercise bikes and this listing is strictly based on the price,... read more »

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Excessive weight, due to the use of fatty foods, is a major problem this days. The extra fat that once get deposited in your body don't go away until and unless you stop the consumption of these delicious fatty foods,... read more »

Top 10 Rowing Machines

Choosing just the top 10 rowing machine from the list of so many high featured rowers is really a tough task. Models from different fitness brands always had a close competition in this screening. Toughtrain has listed the following rowing... read more »

Top 10 Healthy Drinks

When it comes to drinks, why not to choose some healthy drinks that have enough health benefits with no side effects. Here is a list of top 10 beverages that will help you to stay healthy and fit.

Top 10 Healthy... read more »

Top 10 High Fiber Foods

Consumption of food having good amount of fiber is very important these days as it reduces blood sugar, cut cholesterol and may also prevent from colon cancer. These foods also helps you to avoid hemorrhoids. An excess of fiber can... read more »

Top 10 Healthy Habits for Men

Good habits can even help you to stay healthier and stronger. A corporate man has turned into a machine these days and have no time to think for his physical exercises, resulting in stress, overweight, diseases etc. Hitting a gym... read more »

Top 10 High Protein Foods

Proteins are the essential nutrients required by the human body and are the building block of the body tissues. For Fitness enthusiast High Protein Rich Food Sources are like indispensable food that they must take in order to get better... read more »

Top 10 Women’s Health Magazines

Magazines are the mirrors that offers you with information of various fields. Women health magazines strictly deals with issues related to women health and also provides beneficial tips to keep yourself updated. Here is a list of Top 10 Women's... read more »

Top 10 Supplements for Mass Gain

There are varieties of supplements, which have different role for the functioning of the body. If you are looking for gaining some mass, you should have proper knowledge what supplements you are about to take. Here are some the best... read more »

Top 10 Ellipticals

Though we have many elliptical which have even better than this products listed below. But this listing is done keeping in mind all round aspects like price, features and most importantly user reviews.

... read more »

Top 10 Steppers

Judging the suitability of Steppers and queuing them is really a tough task. Models from different fitness brands always had a close competition in this screening. This listing is purely based on customers feedback and reviews. ToughTrain have taken... read more »

Top 10 High Calorie Foods

Calories are mainly responsible for growth of body muscles, which consequently increases your weight. Consumption of heavy caloric foods may be harmful, specially to whose who are over weight or average weight. Instead peoples willing to gain weight are... read more »

Top 10 Exercise Bike Brands

Here are some of the exercise bike brands that are listed among the top 10 exercise bike brands by This brands are listed according to factor like its popularity, pricing, warranty, features etc. The exercise bikes of this... read more »

Top Healthiest Foods You Must Include in Your Diet

Top Healthiest Foods You Must Include in Your Diet

We have lots of food in the world that is available for us to eat. But there are some super foods that are easily available and can be eaten daily. Stock your kitchen with all this food which will provide... read more »

Top 10 Benefits of Elliptical

Elliptical is also one of the best choice for burning calories after Treadmills and Exercise Bikes. Elliptical is an cardiovascular fitness equipment generally used to simulate stair climbing, walking, or running. This equipment... read more »

10 Hottest Male Fitness Models

Searching for Top 10 Male Fitness Models around the world was a difficult task as their are many on the list. But After a great research and facts we have listed down the top 10 Male fitness models of the... read more »

Top 10 Vegetables For Weight Loss

Vegetables contains very minimum calories and that is why it's very much preferred while looking for weight loose or following a healthy diet plan. Selecting the right vegetable can help you to loose weight in a very descent way. Generally... read more »

Top 10 Upper Body Workouts

Upper Body is the mainly focused part of the whole body that maximum numbers of fitness enthusiast focus on. Upper body showcases the fitness of the individual in its chest, shoulders, biceps, arms, abs and back muscles. With proper form... read more »

Top 10 Hottest Women Fitness Models

Searching for Top 10 Fitness Models around the world was a difficult task as their are many on the list. But After a great research and facts we have listed down the top 10 hottest fitness models of the world... read more »

Top 10 Diet Magazines

Diet magazines can guide you for following a perfect diet plan for maintaining a fat free healthy physic. Experts shares their views and experiences through these magazines, which may motivate you. Different dietitians believes in different diet plans for read more »

Top 10 Foods to Lose Weight

Over weight is a serious problem these days. Many nutritionist suggest to avoid many of your favorite foods, which may contain higher amount of fat. In spite of avoiding foods here is a option to choose some of the... read more »

Top 10 Benefits of Running

Running is a very common exercise used for total body fitness. Running flushes the body with oxygen, gets the heart pumping, and revitalizes every part of the body – including the brain. Benefits of running are numerous, some of them... read more »

Top 10 Weight Gain Tips

Inspite of several overweight issues, there are huge group of peoples still trying hard to increase their weight. Under weight is a very minor concern, which can be easily overcome if you follow the mentioned below tasks.

List of Tips to... read more »

Top 10 Yoga Websites

Yoga is a very effective exercise performed to unite together your mind, body, and spirit. Regular practise of Yoga gives the ability to control the normal stresses of life and also helps to maintain the holistic health of both the... read more »