Top 10 Horizon Treadmills

What's Better for Weight Loss, Running Far or Running Fast?

The Answer is : Treadmills!!!

The heart is the most important muscle in the body, and it needs exercise to stay in top shape.Treadmills are the best exercise machines for people starting their fitness journey because they are easy to use and put less stress on the body than many types of workouts. Moreover, you can exercise in the comfort of your own space, which means that you can train at home also and play sports a part of your daily routine.
Treadmill helps in providing the fitness goal and is thebest fitness equipment for the beginner who is starting afresh in the health journey.

But how to choose which treadmill is best for you. That why we are here!! We will guide you with the best running machines that you might want to pick.

Horizon Treadmill is one of the best choices.

They specialize in budget-friendly, in-home fitness equipment, affordable prices,Rapid Sync Motor Tech,Program Variety, Roomy Track Size, Variable Response Suspension, Folding Capabilities, excellent warranties and many more.

There are top 10 treadmills that you might look upon and choose you’re ‘the best option’.

Horizon Treadmills - Rebuilt Your Strength

Horizon T101 Treadmill

1. Horizon T101 Treadmill

Horizon T101 Treadmill is one of the best-selling models in the industry, a budget-friendly, entry-level treadmill. It is a machine with a compact, foldable design that can be stored easily, features include an incline, a Bluetooth speaker system, five built-in workout programming options, have five built-in workout programming options, 30 programs offer time, distance, and calorie targets as well as manual, interval, and weight-loss workouts, these treadmills also give financing options, consoles are user-friendly and good looking, it has gray console has three data windows with red LED lighting as well as a cooling fan to keep you comfortable, with a maximum user capacity of 300 pounds, warranty- lifetime coverage on the frame and motor and one year on parts and labor.
Price – $999

Horizon T202 Treadmill

2. Horizon T202 Treadmill

Horizon T202 Treadmill is among the best values in discount fitness equipment. It has quiet 2.75 CHP motor, comes with a free, no-subscription Sport app which can control the equipment from the touchscreen of any device, phone, or tablet, has Surround Sound speaker system and dock, Bluetooth-enabled, features an audio in/out jack for additional user comfort, 12 built-in programs include time, distance, and calorie goal programs and manual, interval, and weight loss workouts, easily monitor your pulse with the dual grip monitoring system, 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning for your comfort, Includes Bluetooth speakers, has two LED data windows with alphanumeric displays, foldable treadmill,325 pounds, maximum user capacity of warranty- one-year parts warranty.
Price – $1,299

Horizon T303 Treadmill

3. Horizon T303 Treadmill

Horizon T303 Treadmill is 3.0 CHP motor is quite powerful, speed goes up to 12 mph, treadmill has an easy-folding feature, allowing owners to save space in their workout area, three-zone variable cushioning helps to alleviate the impact and absorbs the shock A solid steel frame makes it a heavier, more durable machine, LCD backlit display, has the 0% financing offer, warranty lifetime on the frame and motor, three years on parts and electronics and one year on labor.
Price – $999

Horizon 7.0AT Treadmill

4. Horizon 7.0AT Treadmill

Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill is truly built for runners. It has a steel frame, 3.0 CHP motor and is quite powerful, speed goes up to 12 mph, the heart rate monitor is a grip pulse to quickly check your vitals, have Quick Dial controls to the handlebars, display is 16 digit alphanumeric LED with a 7-inch LCD screen, Connect with Bluetooth through the Android or Apple for fitness apps, built-in speakers, accessible via Bluetooth or plug-in, comes with seven built-in programs: Calories, 5K, Distance, Fat Burn Hill Climb, Manual, and Max Heart Rate., can be folded up, offering 0% financing on machine, warranty- lifetime on frame and motor, 3 years on parts, and one year on labor.

Horizon 7.4AT Treadmill

5. Horizon 7.4AT Treadmill

Horizon 7.4 AT Treadmill integrate a wide range of online training programs including Studio, Daily Burn, Aaptiv, and Treo. It has Quick Dial Controls found on the handles, 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning has been demonstrated to reduce joint impact, and unique levels of shock absorption to the front, middle, and back sections of the running area, Featherlight Folding mechanism provides an easy folding and unlocking system with strong safety features, provides a single fan , Ortho-lite belt design, Bluetooth heart rate monitoring, 8.25″ LCD Screen, warranty- Lifetime frame, Lifetime motor, 5 years for parts, and 2 years for labor.
Price – $1,500

Horizon 7.8AT Treadmill

6. Horizon 7.8AT Treadmill

Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill has a new 9.3-inch full color display screen, Quick-access roller style speed and incline controls,Extra-large running track Measuring 60 inches long and 22 inches wide, Powerful motor with “Rapid Sync”, Bluetooth wireless chest strap,Built-in Sprint 8 training program includes integrating HIIT-specific training programs, warranty- lifetime frame and motor warranty is great, plus there’s a 5-year parts and 2-year labor guarantee.
Price – $1,999

Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill

7. Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill

Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill is the entry-level folding treadmill. It includes Passport video workouts, which work with your TV, include a 55″ x 20″ track, Variable Response Cushioning and a 2.5 CHP drive, high-end Variable Response Cushioning, has 30 built-in workouts, built-in speakers, track your data with the app or stream your data to other compatible programs, unit has a reading rack and two cup holders, warranty- a lifetime frame and motor warranty, a three-year parts warranty, and a one-year labor warranty.
Price – $900

Horizon Adventure 5 Treadmill

8. Horizon Adventure 5 Treadmill

Horizon Adventure 5 Treadmill has Designed for runners. It has a 60″ x 20″ running surface and a 2.5 CHP drive, include 35 built-in programs, Passport video workouts to work with your home tv, Via Fit Connect can connect your treadmill to the Internet if you have wireless Internet within range it is automatic tracking of your fitness data, Variable Response Cushioning has three firmness zones for your comfort, displays data on a 7.5” screen with soft blue lighting, have reading racks and cup holders, top speed is 12 mph, a USB port for MP3 players, inbuilt speakers, is a folding treadmill, warranty- lifetime frame and motor warranty, a three-year parts warranty and a one-year labor warranty.
Price – $1,099

Horizon Elite T7 Treadmill

9. Horizon Elite T7 Treadmill

Horizon Elite T7 Treadmill is a stellar home fitness machine. It has Passport video workout technology, Via Fit tracking for exercise data, and a menu of 42 workouts, a 60″ x 20″ exercise surface, advanced cushioning, and a 2.75 CHP drive, maximum user capacity of 350 pounds, Variable Response Cushioning provides three firmness zones beneath the track, providing a comfortable balance between firmness and impact absorption, displays data on a 8.5″ Extra-wide Blue LCD, top speed is 12 mph, has a reading rack, two beverage holders, a cooling fan, and speakers, features a free add-on Polar wireless chest strap, has a USB port for smartphones and other MP3 players, foldable, warranty- provides lifetime frame and motor coverage, a five-year parts coverage and one-year of labor.
Price – $1,499.00

Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill

10. Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill

Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill features Passport video with Virtual Active tracking, a 60″ x 20″ track that requires no maintenance. It’s powered by a 2.75 CHP drive and has advanced cushioning, with a maximum user capacity of 350 pounds, a free Free Polar chest strap, 44 Workout Programs, has a full 60″ x 20″ track, displays data on a full-color 10″ touchscreen, top speed is 12 mph, has a reading rack, two beverage holders, a fan, and speakers, built in speakers and a USB port for your MP3 player, a patented Feather Light Folding design, warranty- a lifetime frame and motor warranty, a five-year parts warranty and a two-year labor warranty.
Price – $1,899

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