Increase Your Matrix Treadmill Life Span

Matrix Fitness is one of the leading and fasted growing fitness industry in the fitness world. Matrix is a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech, Ltd. Matrix offers some range of high quality treadmills. Matrix Treadmills continues to deliver on innovation with latest features and improvement. Matrix T7xe Treadmill is one of the most awarded treadmill in the market.

Treadmills need maintenance after sometime of usage as it is a machine and it needs regular cleaning, and maintenance items performed on a scheduled basis. By following schedule of preventive measures of maintenance you can increase the lifespan of you Matrix Treadmills by manifold and increase the efficiency of the machine which will help you in your workout only. So here are some tips and schedule to maintain you treadmill health.

Tip and Advice For Matrix Treadmills Maintenance

Matrix Treadmill Machine have a blue light that is located in the console and turns on after every 5000 miles run on it and indicates that it need maintenance. Here are some advice that you need to follow on timely basis that will help in maintaining you machines efficiency and durability –

Daily Task

  • Clean the machine completely with water and some cleaning solution especially console, handlebar/grip area, and running belt.
  • Check E-stop button and tether cord for proper operation.

Monthly Task

  • Monthly you need to check running belt as it loosens after workouts and should be checked monthly for proper tension needed for the smooth workout.
  • Check cord for damage, hand grip areas and also E-stop tether cord.

Quarterly task

  • Remove front plastic cover, and vacuum entire inside area of machine – be careful when working around the lower pc board not to bump any wires or connections loose.
  • Check drive belt for visible wear, ie., cracking, tears, etc. Belt should be replaced if there are any visible signs of damage.
  • Remove plastic hood at front of machine. Start the unit and raise incline setting to maximum height. Turn power switch off at front of machine to prevent it from lowering accidentally.

Bi-Annual Task

  • Check running belt for damage.If the belt has damage or wear to it that warrants replacement, please note that the running deck must also be flipped when a new belt is installed.A new belt must ALWAYS be installed to run on a new deck surface in order to maximize the lifespan of both items.
  • Remove wax build-up from front and rear rollers of the machine.
  • Clean commutator and brushes on drive motor

So these are some of the task you need to follow in-order to increase the lifespan of your machine. Some of the famous matrix treadmill are

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