Treadwall – A Climbing Machine

Treadwall – A Climbing Machine

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Treadwall – A Climbing Machine

Treadwall is a revolutionary fitness machine in the fitness world that helps for an effective total body workout. A treadwall is typically a rotating wall that incorporate Natural Pace Technology for a self paced, motor-less climbing. This climbing Treadwall also features adjustable angles and holds. The rate of ascent can be adjusted with the twist of a Knob, while angles can be changed by turning the wheel.

Treadwall was developed in 1989 by Jeff Brewer, an engineer and an expert climber, and went few modifications in the following decades. Climbing on a treadwall builds strength, flexibility and endurance. The rock climbing treadwall, with a stylish modern design, is highly preferred for a cardio exercise, as well as it offers useful for balance workouts. There is no motor to operate treadwalls, your body is the motor here.

Treadwall Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Rock- like surface texture
  • Full range of climbing movement
  • Stylish modern design
  • Same floor space as a treadmill
  • Change angle while climbing


  • Doesn’t offer psychological satisfaction
  • May cause injury if not used properly

Treadwall Workouts For Men and Women

Climbing on a treadwall builds strength, flexibility and endurance. It also burn calories, resulting in a muscular and toned body. There are numerous workouts that can be done through these treadwalls which helps in toning the body and strengthening the muscles. Some of the great workouts that can be done using treadmill are –

  • Cardio– Cardio workout is possible with a treadwall and also helps in shedding extra calories.
  • Shoulder– Strengthen your shoulder climbing a treadwall
  • Forearms– For athletics dependent on wrist power sports can also be profited.
  • Legs– No doubt climbing will surely strengthen your calf muscles and provide extra strength.

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