Power Rack

Power Rack

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Power Rack

The power rack (also known as: power cage, squat cage, squat rack or cage for the squat) is a tool for weight training and is primarily used in power lifting and body building.It is designed for training with free weights, an athlete can therefore use a barbell in the power rack, without restriction of the trajectory. The power rack is constituted by 4 vertical axes connected together so as to form a parallelepiped. Its safety bars are made of round steel full that varies from a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 30 millimeters in diameter. They inserted into the holes of the vertical axes, have the function to protect the safety of the athlete during the execution of the exercises.

Features & Benifits of Power Rack

  • Durable
  • Less Risky
  • Provides comfortable workout
  • Muscular Endurance

Some Power Rack Manufacturers

  • Ningbho Zhonstian Industry Co. Ltd
  • Zhejiang Kanglaibao Sporting Goods Co. Lt
  • Alexandave Industries Co. Ltd
  • An ICTI- and GSV- Certified manufacturer of PVC goods

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