Landice Treadmills

Landice Treadmills

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Landice Treadmills

Joints are not welded in these Landice treadmills rather aircraft locking software is used to make joints more durable. The motor used in these treadmills are Baldor motors which gives a long life to machine and running smooth even in harsh commercial establishments. Parts and components used in this treadmill are of highest quality.You can also get its components if required, but these are not easily available as these all are expensive and thus rarely available in branded stores too.Landice is one of the most popular health and fitness equipment providers. Landice fitness equipments are manufactured in United States. It is leading this industry with more than forty years.

List of Landice Treadmills

  • Landice L9 Club Series Treadmill
  • Landice L7 Club Series Treadmill
  • Landice L8 LTD Series Treadmill
  • Landice L7 LTD Series Treadmill
  • Landice L8 Rehabilitation Treadmill
  • Landice L7 Rehabilitation Treadmill

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