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Felax Treadmills

Felax Treadmills are good quality treadmills and most importantly these treadmills are in budget prices with good features that will make your workout effective and comfortable. Felax treadmills are manufactured by Sunteko. Felax is worldwide register treadmill which are sell by Felax Inc. Sunteko has been developing and producing sporting goods and fitness equipment for over 20 years. Sunteko capitalization is ten million USD and annual turnover volume is about fifty million USD.

List Of Felax Treadmills

  • Felax Treadmill MT660
  • Felax Treadmill MT580
  • Felax Treadmill MT380
  • Felax Treadmill MT130
  • Felax Treadmill MT230

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Would you please send me the electronic board map for felax model MT5050

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