What Should You Check Before Buying a Treadmill?

How to Buy a Best Treadmill?
Which Treadmill is Best ?
Best Treadmill Brand in the Market?

These are common topics that wanders in the mind of people while they are in search of the treadmill. Don't worry this is not an issue that cant be solved, what you need to do is Research and take time before you buy a treadmill as it is an investment on a machine and you would not like to regret later for you choice of treadmill. But for research you need to know about many things and for this you need a time, so here we are we have listed down some points to remember before you buy a treadmill which you should check in a treadmill.

Finding the best one is a hectic task so read down the points to make it more easier and to purchase a treadmill in your budget.

Points to Note Before You Buy a Treadmill

Cost of The Treadmill

Cost is one of the major hurdle when you walk out for a treadmill as these running machine are little costlier than the other fitness equipments. First thing you need to fix is you budget as to how much are you willing to spend on a Treadmill. Normally treadmill price ranges from $500 to $1,500 which is in budget range while mid range treadmill will go from $1,500 to $3,000 and above is you choice to go. So first thing is to decide the range for a treadmill.

Motor and Horsepower

Motor is the main component of the Treadmill as it is the one which takes all the load of the workouts. One must search for its continuous duty horse power which matters more than peak horsepower . Continuous Duty Horsepower is the one which denotes the power at the time of you workout. About 2.0 and above continuous duty HP motor is good for any individual but should also have good cooling system as continuous running on treadmill heat up the motors thus cooling will increase the life of motor and there will be less wear and tear.

And also check the warranty of the motor. One more thing you should note about the motor is that it should not produce sound or noise while you workout on it.

How Stable is the Treadmill and Features Treadmill have

Check the stability of the treadmill which means that if treadmill is smooth and stable while running on it . It should not quiver while you run on it and its belt should give you smooth ride. Running on treadmill for long makes you bore also so also look for some special features that can sway away you boredom like presets programs, features like LCD screen, iPod connection so that you can do other things also while working out. these features will make you workout more enjoyable.

Treadmill Safety features

Safety Features are an important part of you search as Safety features will increase you safety so that you dont get hurt while working out. Search for things like safety key and belt speed key. Verify the treadmill has handrails or support grasps that are comfortable enough to hold for a long time. It is safe to say that they are ergonomically found so you can utilize them when you begin or stop? Testing in the store for a few minutes will help you pick wisely.

Maintenance of Treadmill

Treadmill need a lot of maintenance as its parts need to be maintained from wear and tear.A Good Maintained Treadmill will give you the desired results of the workouts.So look for the Treadmill that are maintenance free. You ought not need to invest time greasing up and servicing your treadmill after every workout. Search for a deck that is reversible – significance you can have the deck flipped when typical wear follows all the way through on the running surface. A reversible deck basically doubles the life of your treadmill surface.

Treadmill Warranty

A treadmill is an electronic piece of equipment. A quality unit is a long-term investment that, with regular use, will require service at some point. Most quality treadmills will offer a lifetime warranty on the frame. When it comes to other components, look for a warranty that provides for at least 1 year of labor and a minimum of 1-3 years coverage on parts. Ask your salesperson what components are covered.

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