Vibration Training

When whole human body or body part that include comes in contact with vibrating surface, then vibration experienced in Body is known as Vibration Training. This technique is used in fitness industry, physical therapy rehabilitation and beauty and wellness applications to improve muscle strength, power and flexibility.Vibration machine have numerous benefits like it stimulates your muscles, improves the flow of lymph, maintains the blood pressure and increases blood circulation and oxygenation. These machines are used in fitness industry, physical therapy, rehabilitation, professional sports, and beauty and wellness applications.

Vibration Platform Type

  • High Energy Lineal, Used in Studios and Gyms
  • Premium Speed Pivotal, For physiotherapy work
  • Medium Energy Lineal, For 3D Vibrations
  • Low Speed Pivotal Units, For Blood Circulation

Vibration Machine Leading Manufacturers

  • Hi-Tech International
  • Pt Bagus Sentosa
  • Anhui Wor-Biz Trading Co Ltd
  • Qingdao Fitness Equipment Co Ltd
  • Zhejiang Juefang Fitness Equipment Co Ltd

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April 23, 2013 11:33 am

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