Livestrong Treadmills

Livestrong Treadmills

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Livestrong Treadmills

Livestrong treadmills are designed and manufactured by company in its own facilities and thus, there is no compromise in quality and performance. Manufacturing units of this brand is also considered to be one of the most sophisticated ones across the world. Its manufacturing facilities are always using state of the art technology and advanced machines in manufacturing health and fitness equipments.LiveStrong Treadmill is known for quality, durability, and performance. The price you give for this is compensated by features you receive when purchase these Livestrong treadmills. You will get all features in this fitness equipment which you think and require performing your daily workout.

List of LiveStrong Treadmills

  • Livestrong LS7.9T Treadmill
  • Livestrong LS9.9T Treadmill
  • Livestrong LS12.9T Treadmill

Comparison of Livestrong Treadmills LS7.9T, LS9.9T and LS12.9T

  • LS12.9T Treadmill is a durable and quality driven treadmill machine. It is having long belt which paves way to run user at high speeds. It can bear up to 150 kg of weight. Motor used in this treadmill is of 2.75 hp of continuous duty which makes operation of treadmill smooth. You can also measure heart beat to analyze improvements to your routine workouts. Frame used in these treadmills are also of high quality which helps you workout to achieve your fitness goals and also suitable to committed runners for their desired workouts.
  • LS9.9T Treadmill is having 2.5 hp engine which helps user to operate treadmill smoothly. It is also having fan which helps make you cool and increase efficiency to your workout. Speaker also is an added feature to this treadmill which makes you entertaining at your routine workout. There is enough area provided in this treadmill to run, walk, or jog. Maximum speed which this motor can give is of the range of 0.5 to 12 miles per hour. It also gives inclination up to 12% which help user to have more strength and stamina.
  • LS7.9T Treadmill is having motor capacity of 2.25 which do not make any noise and it also lasts long. It is also suitable for rigorous running. You can also measure your heart beat with the help of in-built features in it.

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wayne knelly
wayne knelly
September 10, 2019 12:07 pm

I have a livestrong treadmill and a livestrong stationary bike. Both are approx 10 yrs old. Both are not working right now. Is there anyone near 18249 who could repair these units? thank you for any help u can offer.