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Smooth Fitness is pleased to offer several treadmill models. Some are standard non-folding treadmills you may find in a gym, while others are folding models designed to save space in the home, office, or wherever you decide to place your treadmill.Smooth offers an impressive line of treadmills that include the 5.65 Folding Treadmill with a quiet, powerful motor, the 9.35 Treadmill, a top-rated, commercial grade treadmill, the 8.35 Treadmill with industry leading folding treadmill stability, the 7.35 Folding Treadmill with an outstanding warranty, the 6.75 Folding Treadmill, the 9.65 Treadmill with the industry's best warranty, and the 9.65TV Treadmill with a 10" LCD Flat-Screen Television.

Smooth Fitness treadmill machines are built tough. The durability and dependability of these treadmills will give you the confidence that you are getting the best workout possible, helping you to feel good, not only about your workout, but also about the investment in your health.

List of Smooth Fitness Treadmills

Discontinued Products from Smooth Fitness

  • EVO FX40HR Treadmill
  • Smooth 4.25 Treadmill
  • Smooth 5.25 Treadmill
  • Smooth 5.45 Treadmill
  • Smooth 5.65 Treadmill (2010 Model)
  • Smooth 6.17 Treadmill
  • Smooth 6.25 Treadmill
  • Smooth 6.45 Treadmill
  • Smooth 6.45M Treadmill
  • Smooth 7.1 Treadmill
  • Smooth 7.35 Treadmill
  • Smooth 7.6 HR Pro Treadmill
  • Smooth 9.17HRO Treadmill
  • Smooth 9.25HR Treadmill
  • Smooth 9.25X Treadmill
  • Smooth 9.35HR Treadmill
  • Smooth 9.35HR Treadmill – Clearance
  • Smooth 9.45ST Treadmill
  • Smooth 9.45TV Treadmill with TV
  • Smooth EVO 1 Treadmill
  • Smooth EVO 3i Treadmill
  • Smooth EVO SX4 Treadmill

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