Bulgarian Bag

Bulgarian Bag

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Bulgarian Bag

Bulgarian Bags are made of leather/ canvas and filled with sand with flexible handles to allow for both upper and lower body training and for building grip strength. These kinds of bags are used in strength training, plyometric weight training, cardiovascular training and physical fitness. The Bulgarian Bags offers dynamic resistance by using accelerating and retarding motions. The bad increases the muscular endurance of the grip, wrists, arms, shoulders, back, legs and rotational muscles.

Types of Handles

  • The main handles are the two holding points which taper out towards the end of the bag and used for swinging and spinning motion.
  • An extra handle is used in middle of the other two exterior handling points for grip strength and upper body exercise.


Weight (Pounds) Strep Color Recommendations (Athletes Weight in Pounds)
11 Yellow Up to 110
17 Green 110 – 150
26 Red 150 – 190
37 Silver 210 – 250
50 Brown 250 Above

Leading Manufacturer

  • Rizaho New Power Fitness Co Ltd
  • Dongyang Yuzhou Bag Factory
  • Wulian Xinya Sports Goods Co Ltd
  • Hefei Dayu Fitness Co Ltd
  • Ningbo Sunshine International Trade Co Ltd

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