Tempo Treadmills

Tempo Fitness Treadmills are top quality treadmills with quality Drive motors that gives steady, reliable performance you can adjust with simple controls on the console. Clear LED screens help you monitor your workout. Advanced ergonomic designs ensure your comfort. All Tempo treadmills fold for easy storage.Tempo Fitness is part of Johnson Health Tech, one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers in the world.

List of Tempo Fitness Treadmills

  • Tempo Fitness 621T Treadmill
  • Tempo Fitness 611T Treadmill
  • Tempo Fitness Evolve Treadmill
  • Tempo Fitness T901 Treadmill
  • Tempo Fitness T902 Treadmill
  • Tempo Fitness T903 Treadmill
  • Tempo Fitness T904 Treadmill
  • Tempo Fitness T905 Treadmill
  • Tempo Fitness T921 Treadmill
  • Tempo Fitness T931 Treadmill
  • Tempo Fitness T941 Treadmill
  • Tempo Fitness T960 Treadmill

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Looking for assembly guide for tempo 632t

Bibek Mondal

I bought my TEMPO treadmill in the yeAR 2007. It did create a problem now. Whenever I get onto it, it stops. I mean, I start it, start to work, but as soon as I get onto it, it stops immediately. I am guessing it is not able to take my weight any more!…..I want an answer from TEMPO to solve this problem……please call me at 289-929-1672 and let me know what to do?………my TEMPO model is 620T. Please let me know what to do? do I need to replace any parts of it or do I need to do some maintenance?

Tyler Cunningham

I’m looking for a rear roller bar for my Tempo 632T treadmill. I’m having a hard time finding the part.

Gary Dunning

I have a Tempo Fitness treadmill model 632T. Approximately a month ago the treadmill screen gave a message to lube belt. I followed the instructions in the manual and completed this service as well as cleaning dust and other material from the track and the motor compartment. The belt runs very smoothly now.
However, when I turn the treadmill on using the power switch the screen flashes the lube belt message and the treadmill will not work. I am able to get the treadmill started by holding the stop button for five seconds and then pressing the start button. At this point the treadmill mostly starts.
How do I program the treadmill to remove the lube belt message?

Manh Nguyen

My Tempo 632 T treadmill fail to run again after I applied silicone lubricant to the belt ( when the panel of treadmill showing BELT LUBRICANT ). I have no idea what was wrong with it because it was working before the notice showing. And now the treadmill not working just only the panel showing that. Would you please help me out especially this lockout time. Thank you

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