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4 Reasons Say NO to a Cheap Treadmill

We all have heard the saying “You get what you paid for”. This is something we need to keep in mind while buying essential goods and fitness equipment too; because the repercussions of cheap products in these things can cause severe damage. It is often observed that in trying to save money temporarily, we end up paying much more in the longer run.

While purchasing a treadmill, be prepared to shell out more money for a quality product than the attractive discounts seen on the internet. Compromising the quality for the price, when it comes to a product like a treadmill, can cause severe monetary and physical damage to the buyer.

Here are the most common shortcomings of a cheap or a sub-standard treadmill

  1. The Motor Quality – The most common problem area in cheap treadmills is the motor. It is one of the essential components and is the most compromised part of cheap treadmills. Manufacturers use inferior quality plastic and cut corners to save product costs. The power of these motors is low; thus, they end up working at maximum capacity during all times. Due to this, the insulation of the wires tends to burn out a lot quicker than usual, thus increasing the service costs. On the other hand, best quality treadmills have a motor larger, which does not end up working at a maximum capacity most of the time.
  2. Wear & Tear of the Belt – A belt, the one that rotates creating movement on the treadmill, is often compromised too when it comes to low-quality treadmills. The belt not only wears out quickly but may also end up causing damage to your joints. The better quality machines boast a premium quality belt, with extra padding, that protects joints and supports the movement.
  3. Power Cables – Yet another downside of buying a treadmill of inferior quality is the cheap wiring and electrical framework. Often a foul smell may emerge after using the treadmill for a while, which is an indication of burning or corroded wiring. This also happens when the treadmill belt accelerates. Not only this, but a frequent flickering of display light and the fan are indications of the same issue.
  4. After-Sales Service and Warranty – Upon buying a low-quality treadmill, the warranty period is almost zero. The after-sales service is a massive hassle, as the parts available are expensive and need to be changed frequently. Whereas, premium quality machines, on the other hand, can be bought with a lifetime warranty or free after-sales repairs for a specific period. This, not only ensures your safety but also assures a perfect return on investment.

Hence, buying a treadmill can often result in a long term worry if one fails in making a mindful purchase. Given the above shortcomings, it is in the buyers best interest to invest the right amount of money towards a quality product that would further ensure optimum results.

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