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Enhance Your Treadmill Workout Results

For running lovers, there is nothing like an open track spreading across meters. However, your treadmill back home is nothing less than your backyard track, with added technical amenities as well.You don’t have to look out for a pleasant weather or access to the field, when you’ve got your running partner under your roof itself. Treadmills allow you keep a track on how much you have ran and how much calories you have lost. Moreover, you can customize your workout as per your convenience (Selecting fast/slow/moderate speeds of running).

In fact, running outside on the road or a running track majorly focuses on your outside muscles and causes a constant forward motion. But running on a treadmill is actually a sideways motion and strengthens the under and less used muscles as well.

Enhance Your Treadmill Workout Results

List of Treadmill Workout Tips

1- Don’t Start All Guns Blazing

Start your Treadmill Work out slowly and steadily with a smooth warm-up for approximately 5 minutes. Incline your treadmill at an inclination of 1% to produce an uphill effect and fix the speed anywhere between 3.0-3.5 mph and just start running. This will set your pulse raising and muscles stretching slowly. It gets you ready to get into the groove of the things to come.

2- Mix It Up

Don’t just keep going at one pace for long intervals, this will saturate you. Try to step up the pace slowly and steadily as you start feeling mastered about a particular speed or intensity. Try to speed up to 10mph, in parts. You can also try alternating the inclinations between 1% and 3%, while you are running. Never try to push your body beyond its limits in a hurry. As we have already said, “Fitness is something that is developed, not produced all at once”.

3- Run in Intervals

The interval training in your treadmill workout creates intervals of High-Low intensity, resulting in burning the maximum number of calories. As your heart rate gets up with high-low intensity intervals, it causes more and more sweat out of your body and ultimately enhancing your endurance. The alternating bursts of speed with longer recovery intervals help you to get into better cardiovascular shape and increase your aerobic capacity as well.

4- Go Multitasking

It is so very important to mix up your treadmill workout with strength training. Add a variety to your treadmill work out by including 3-5 lb curls and shoulder press. Alternate your treadmill and strength trainings every 5-10 minutes. You can also opt for in-between workouts like squats, lunges, pushups, planks and many more to stay away from your treadmill boredom.

5- Don’t Over Do It

Don’t be tempted by your raising pulse and pumping blood, stick to your target. Once you are done for the day (as per your schedule), don’t try to overdo it. This may well be a trap right into the fatigue zone, when your tight muscles start to loosen up and you realize that you have actually overdone it and need days to recover now.

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