Used for strength training, Bull Worker is an isometric exercise equipments consists of two-sleeves, spring loaded, telescopic cylinders in the center, with hand grips attached on the opposite ends. Two parallel opposing cables are attached to handgrips at each end of the device.Activities are performed by pushing inwards on the contractible chambers or by pulling the links outwards, far from the cylinders. The Bullworker additionally offers corresponding activities for the legs and lower part of the body. Isometric activities build muscles by utilizing muscular contractions against a fixed resistance which allows no movement. In isometrics, your muscles contract yet their length does not change.

For a lot of people, the Bullworker speaks to a functional fitness device that will help them create muscle strength and also the core muscles that are the indispensable part of the body figure and posture. The utilization of Bull Worker embodies a consolidation of activities in three orders: isotonic, isokinetic, and a few activities in the isometric control. Iso-Motion activities increases the strength throughout its use on the body.

How Bull Worker Works?

Exercises are performed by pushing inwards on the contractible cylinders pulling cable outwards, away from the cylinders. Spring attached within it creates resistance and Bull Worker returns to its original positions after the pressure is removed.

Bull Worker Models

  • Classic (Resistance approaching 200 lbs)
  • Steel-Bell

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