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Recent Reviews/ Feedback/ Comments

Jeanne Newman
We have a Star Trac treadmill Model 4531-BUSAP3. We love it. It's part of the daily routine for 3 of us in this home. It is showing an error message of EL STL and will not operate. We tried finding an explanation online for how to fix this but nothing worked. Can you tell us what we should try ourselves or who to contact for service? We are in Ohio.
Would it be possible to get bolts/washers for my tempo 611T treadmill? I am in Canada. Please email instead if possible so that I may send pics of the bolts I need. Thank you
Carol De Angelo
I have the 2006 R2050 Vision Fitness semi-recumbent bike. There is nothing in the manual to let me know if this bike is set in miles or kilometers. My question is: how do I know if this bike is set to miles or kilometers?