Baoding Balls

Baoding Balls

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Baoding Balls

Boading Balls are also known as Chinese Exercise Balls and Iron Balls. These balls come in the pair which is to be rotated repetitively in the hands, which is said to result in assisting recovery from injury and improve build dexterity and strength equally. A pair of balls is used in this technique. Hollow balls are more suitable for injury recovery.These balls are great equipments for athletes mainly as a lot of concentration is required to use Chinese Baoding balls properly that will help the user to improve concentration power. It also sway way the stress because of the mind and body connection used to perform it.

How to Use Boading Balls

For beginners who want to learn how to use these balls one must start with 45-millimeter (1.8 in) diameter ball and when you have learnt the technique you can move to the 60-millimeter (2.4 in) size.

  • Boading Balls can be used in both hands or in one hands. Basically the balls are held in the palm of the hand and are rotated in pair ensuring even and constant contact is made between the balls.
  • After learning how to rotate user can increase the rotation speed

Materials and Composition

Baoding Balls are constructed in pairs of hollow sphere one inside the other, with a chime between the rings as the inner ball strikes it. These balls are made of Steel, Tungsten Carbide and solid iron.

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