Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor is a monitoring device used to count heart pulses in real time you can define it as recording device for heart beats. It is in great demand by sports persons, doctors and patients. HRM consists of a chip strap transmitter and a wrist receiver or mobile phones. It helps you to know intensity level whether it is below the mark or good

Types of HRM

Chest Strap Model

This model includes a chest strap and a wrist watch that receives wireless data from strap continuously. Even these models are further divided in two types: Basic Models and Advanced Models.

Finger Sensor Model

These are simple wristwatch style monitor. But the data accuracy in such monitors is little compromised.

Leading Manufacturer

  • G Pulse International Co Ltd
  • Swastik Scientific Company
  • Sunrise Industries
  • Caring Heart Services
  • Imperial Gases and Surgical

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