Top 10 Benefits of Running

Running is a very common exercise used for total body fitness. Running flushes the body with oxygen, gets the heart pumping, and revitalizes every part of the body – including the brain. Benefits of running are numerous, some of them are discussed below.

List of Benefits of Running

1. Improves Mental Health

As we run for a long distance, the body release some chemicals which helps you feel more happy. Running also helps you train your mind along with your body.

2. Weight Loss

One of the most common result that we can see for running is weight loss. Running burns huge amount from all body parts but specially from the thighs, butts, legs etc. For a fat free, strong physic, running can be one of the easy exercise one can choose.

3. Physical Strength

Running regularly highly increases your strength and power. Building strength in your lower body, muscles, tendons, and ligaments can greatly reduce the daily effects of fatigue and aging. It also also helps prevent future injury to muscles and bones due to increased stability.

4. Prevent High Blood Pressure

Running keeps the elasticity of your arteries and one of the best way to maintain a healthy blood pressure. While Running the arteries expand and contract harder than usual, this allow them stay just as fit as the rest of your body, which consequently reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

5. Healthy Heart

A healthy heart can increase length and quality of Life. Running regularly decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Running actually increases the amount of blood the heart can pump without over exerting itself.

6. Reduces Effect of Diabetes

Studies say that running regularly can actually help maintain a healthy blood sugar and reduce diabetic resistance to insulin. A controlled blood sugar can increase the types of food you can eat and decrease the amount of medication you need. So, if you have a diabetes problem starting tunning from today itself and stay fit.

7. Reduces Effect of Asthma

Studies say that running reduces the effect of asthma. So if you have an asthma problem don’t worry. Running regularly strengthen your lungs and bronchi, which helps in reducing the amount and the severity of your asthma attacks.

8. Increases Bone Density

Running can increase the density of your bones. While running, your foot impact with the ground and the bones are stressed. Because of the stress that has been applied to it, the body sends essential materials to create new bone to the stressed areas, resulting in a stronger and denser bones.

9. Increased Joint Strength and Stability

Running regularly increases the strength of your ligaments and tendons, which consequently increases joint strength and reduces chances of injuries to your ankles, hips, and knees.

10. Personal Control

Running on a regular schedule, reducing the effects of many disease processes, reducing the amount of medication needed to control your health, and allowing you to control these things, gives you a sense of self control. Being able to control your own schedule, your own health, and your own future, gives you personal control of your destiny. This helps build self confidence and increases quality of life.

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