Top 10 High Fiber Foods

Consumption of food having good amount of fiber is very important these days as it reduces blood sugar, cut cholesterol and may also prevent from colon cancer. These foods also helps you to avoid hemorrhoids. An excess of fiber can lead to a bowel obstruction, diarrhea, or even dehydration. Individuals who increase their intake of fiber, should in turn, also increase their intake for water.

At an average an women should get 25 gm a day and a men should get at least 35 to 40 gm of fiber daily for a disease free health. Proper knowledge of the food that you are consuming can help you in this matter.

List of Top 10 High Fiber Foods

Dry Roasted Soyabeans

1. Dry Roasted Soyabeans

Dry roasted soybeans are great snack and provides 17.7g (71% DV) of fiber per 100 gram serving, or 30.4g (122% DV) per cup, and 1.9g (10% DV) per tablespoon.

Dried Herbs and Spices

2. Dried Herbs and Spices

Dried herbs and spices too contain higher amount of fibre in it. Try to use it regularly for proper intake of vitamines and minerals, you need. Ground cinnamon contains the most fiber providing 53.1g per 100 gram serving, followed by ground savory, dried oregano, rosemary, corriander, basil, marjoram, sage, fennel, caraway, paprika, thyme, chili powder, cloves etc.

Bran (Corn, Wheat, Rice, Oat)

3. Bran (Corn, Wheat, Rice, Oat)

Bran is high in fober and contains vitamin b6 and magnesium. Oats, rye and buckwheat are some of the cereals containing high fibers. Crude corn bran provides the most dietary fiber of any food with 85.6g per 100 gram. Rice and Wheat bran provide 25g of fiber per cup while Oat bran provides 14.5g per cup.

Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Sesame Butter

4. Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Sesame Butter

Flax and Sesame seeds are great source of fiber, providing 27.3g of fiber per 100 gram and 14g per 100 gram serving respectively. Sesame butter (tahini) provides 9.3g of fiber per 100 gram serving.

5. NutsNuts are always preferred as a favourite snacks and sometime as an addition to salads. Among all the nuts almonds provides the most highest fiber, which is about 12.2g per 100 gram serving and is followed by pistachios, hazelnuts and pecans. Pecans provides 9.5g of fiber per cup.

Cocoa Powder nad Dark Chocolate

6. Cocoa Powder nad Dark Chocolate

Cocoa is a very good source of iron and potassium along with 33.2g of fiber per 100g serving. On the other hand dark baking chocolate will provide 16.6g of fibre per 100g serving. However milk choclate does not provide enough fiber to be worth the cost of calories and should be avoided.

Passion Fruit

7. Passion Fruit

Passion fruits are also a great source of fiber providing 10.4g of fiber per 100 gram serving. These foods are becoming popular day by day for its importance as a hifh fibre food.

Sun Dried Tomatoes

8. Sun Dried Tomatoes

In is seen that a huge amount of sun dried tomatoes are been used daily in sauce, on pizza or even in salads. Sun dried tomatoes are also high in iron and potassium, along with 12.3g of fiber per 100 gram serving.


9. Corn

Corn is another type of high fibre food. This food is widly used by many of us but we never knew its significance. It contains high fibre along with other useful minerals. It may be interesting to know that the popcorn we take contains 3.5 grams of fiber per three-cup serving.

White Beans

10. White Beans

White beans is one of the most nutrious food, having protein, iron, potassium and higher percent of fiber. The only drawback of beans is that it is forms gas and also there is possibility that it may effect your digestive system.

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