Top 10 Yoga Websites

Yoga is a very effective exercise performed to unite together your mind, body, and spirit. Regular practise of Yoga gives the ability to control the normal stresses of life and also helps to maintain the holistic health of both the body and mind. There are many kind of Yogas and also many different poses are there, which are not only difficult but also requires enough concentration. You can take the reference of Yoga Books or take the help of any trained yoga teacher for better results. Instead there are also many websites which gives total detail about yoga and its poses, along with its benefits and instructions for performing the same. Here have listed some of the websites in its Top 10 list for helping you to get proper and accurate instruction for different poses of Yoga.

Top 10 Yoga Websites

1. My Yoga Online

Myyoga online is a perfect place to get online help as well as complete videos on different yoga and yoga poses. This website offers information on benefites of yoga, pilates, meditation, dance, nutrition etc. With its online library of yoga and wellness videos and articles, you can practice anywhere, at home, at work, while traveling or anywhere else you want.

2. Divya Yoga

This is one of the most popular as well as trusted website for get effective information about yoga. Here you can find many useful stuffs like medicines and other herbal products. Divayoga is the best place to get videos of different yoga poses and other essential information on yoga. You can also get information on different yoga camps here.

3. Yoga Journal

This is one of the most visited Yoga websites on the web that publishes useful articles on Yoga practices and Ayurveda (herbal medicine). Here you can find many useful articles and videos on different yoga poses, that will definitely guide you for an effective result.

4. Yoga Today

Learn yoga free of cost in yogatoday It has also a great community where you can discuss about any Yoga related topics.

5. Art of living

This website is very much suitable for trainees of all age. It offers complete information on spiritual benefits and offers instruction on mediation and pranayama (Breathing Exercises)

6. Yoganonymous

Another newer website, Yoganonymous features teacher profiles, spotlighted studios, upcoming events, giveaways, free mix-tape-style music collections, and intelligent articles.

7. Yoga Dork

In its 3rd year, Yoga Dork is a great, often-updated blog about the latest in yoga news, including Hollywood and yoga celebrities, books, DVDs, medical studies, and more. The folks that comment aren’t afraid to be opinionated, so interesting conversations ensue regularly.

8. My Yog

MyYog is one of the most useful Yoga websites on the web where users can find useful information about Yoga poses, herbal medicines and Baba Ramdev Yoga. If you are suffering from any kind of physical or mental problem, you can find here solution with Yoga Training & Ayurvedic Medicines.

9. Bikram Yoga

This is a very popular yoga website, where Bikram Chaudhry, along with his wife Rajashree Chaudhury offers information and tips on performing different useful poses of yoga. You can also visit this website for seminars and yoga camps and also for different women related yoga camps. Also get the required stuffs here.

10. Do Yoga With Me

This is a very effective yoga website, which offers you information on different yoga poses, meditations, yoga anatomy, etc. Most interestingly it offers hundreds of yoga videos on different poses that too absolutely free. Practitioner of all level can be benefited from this portal.

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