Top 10 High Calorie Foods

Calories are mainly responsible for growth of body muscles, which consequently increases your weight. Consumption of heavy caloric foods may be harmful, specially to whose who are over weight or average weight. Instead peoples willing to gain weight are advised to take proper caloric foods. Yet, you have to be very selective and aware of the facts and consequences of this high caloric foods. Some of the high calorie foods are discussed below.

Top High Calorie foods

Animal Fats

1. Animal Fats

Animal fat contains higher calories and varies significantly depending up on the source of meat. Fish oil has the highest calorie of 902 calorie per 100 g, cooked bacon has 898 calorie over 100g and butter contains 717 calories per 100g.

Vegetable Fats

2. Vegetable Fats

Vegetable oil and fats do not contain as many higher calorie like animal oils, still has high percent. Vegetable oils and fats contains same number of calories as solid fats, which is 884 calorie per 100g.

Nuts and Seeds

3. Nuts and Seeds

This is another kind of high calorie food, containing good amount of vegetable oil. Apart from calorie, nuts and seeds are well known for their healthy oils, minerals and fibers. Macadamia nuts have 818 calories per 100 g while pecans have 710 calories for the same amount.

Salad Dressing

4. Salad Dressing

Varieties of salad dressings are found which contain different calories. for example balsamic vinegar on the salad will add negligible calories to your meal, on the other hand, a full-fat salad dressing can have as many calories as the oil from which it is made.

Peanut Butter

5. Peanut Butter

Peanuts are generally legumes and not nuts, but they pack a big calorie punch like nuts and nut butter. Nearly 588 calories can be found in a 100 g peanut butter.

Junk Food

6. Junk Foods

Junk foods are named so because it contains higher calories with very little nutrition value. Junk foods such as chips contains entirely fat and starch. An average of 560 calories can be found in 100 gram junk foods.


7. Chocolate

Chocolate, one of the most consuming food, no doubt contains healthy antioxidants but also contains high calories. You can consume about 501 calories from 100 g of baked chocolate.


8. Cheese

All time favourite food, cheese is highly rich in calorie as well as calcium. In a 100g of Norwegian Brunost cheese you can find upto 466 calories. Other high calorie cheese are parmesan and cheddar.

Fried Foods

9. Fried Foods

Fried foods are another very common and high source for calories. Fatty fried foods such as fried chicken, pork rinds and french fries are examples of high calorie foods. Fried chicken usually contains 463 calories per 100 g.

Processed Meats

10. Processed Meats

Processes meats such as sausage and salami contains higher fats. Pate, a processed meat made from goose liver, contains 462 calories per 100 g serving.

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