Top 10 Tips for Good Digestion

Proper digestion is very important for maintaining a good health. Although digestion problems go diagnosed as these are not that serious but can badly effect your health if its a regular problem. Here are some tips that will surely help you in proper digestion.

Top 10 Tips For Good Digestion

Sit and Eat

1. Sit and Eat

While we sit our stomach is in relaxed posture, which plays a great role digestion. Another simple way that can help you is order in eating. Always start with a lighter one.

Grind and Chew Well

2. Grind and Chew Well

Always prefer to chew and grind well your food slowly, so that you get enough amylase, which will help in the digestion of your intake carbohydrates.

Drink Lots of Water

3. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water is a very technique used for proper digestion. This will help you in easy passage of stools and cleanses your digestive tract. Always prefer to drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Some lemon water is also advised for better digestion.

Meal Timings

4. Meal Timings

To have a good digestion, it is very important to eat at the same time every day.  Marinating a steady eating time will help to have a regulating effect on your digestive system.

Limit Fatty Foods

5. Limit Fatty Foods

Fat is necessary for proper functioning of the body but high fatty foods take long time to digest. Don’t avoid fatty foods completely, but its far better to limit your fat consumption for a better digestion.

Add Probiotics

6. Add Probiotics

Probiotics is a healthy bacteria, highly responsible for digestion, breaks down lactose, treats irritable bowel syndrome and enhances proper nutrient absorption. Yoghurt is highly rich in probiotics. A bowl of low fat yoghurt everyday can help you in this purpose.


7. Add Spices

Spices like ginger, black pepper, rock salt or coriander not only help to add flavor to your food but all improves digestion. Add little amount of these spice to add flavor to your diet.

Protein Size

8. Protein Size

Protein is very important for strength and building muscles in your body. Consumption of high protein, beyond your limit can cause indigestion. So always prefer smaller protein meals, to avoid indigestion.

Lean Meat

9. Lean Meat

Meat lovers don’t worry, you can have your favorite meat but make sure that you choose a lean meat. Fatty cuts of meats often responsible for indigestion.

Late Night Meals

10. Avoid Late Night Meals

As o ur digestive system tends to slow down in the evening, there is not enough digestive chemicals in our stomach to properly digest our food. So it is advised to avoid late night meals.

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