FreeMotion Exercise Bikes

Freemotion Exercise Bikes are known to have best innovative technology . It has iFit Technology a user can enjoy workouts Powered by Google Maps. Freemotion exercise bikes has 10" Full Color touch screen with browser help to easily navigate through stats and options in the screen.

List of FreeMotion Exercise Bikes Products (Models)

FreeMotion Exercise Bikes offer various models of Exercise Bikes with taking care of different customer needs.

  • FreeMotion 330R Exercise Bike
  • FreeMotion c 11.4 Exercise Bike
  • FreeMotion c 11.6 Exercise Bike
  • FreeMotion c 7.3 Exercise Bike
  • FreeMotion c 7.5 Exercise Bike

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Jim Freeman
Jim Freeman
October 20, 2022 8:11 am

I want to buy a 310R free motion exercise bike. I’m wondering how you plug them in to get them working. I was looking at one the other day and I couldn’t see any plug-in on it. When I peddled it nothing lit up on the screen And there was no way to set the tension. I did find a adaptor and plug-in cord for a wall plug but I can’t find anywhere on the bike that you plug it in.