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Marcy sells several exercise bikes under different names such as Impex. In its own it is selling two new exercise bikes. Marcy exercise bikes are known to make deluxe exercise bikes wirh simple design but high tech console. Exercise Bikes are great way to burn calories and offers good cardio workouts. Marcy Bikes are fittes with great features and are easier to asselble and offers upright bikes.

List of Marcy Exercise Bikes Products

Marcy Exercise Bikes offer various models of Exercise Bikes with taking care of different customer needs.

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I received my MPEX Marcy Foldable Bike, NS-652 bike. Thank you. When I put it together one of the #9 curved washers slipped out of my hand and fell down inside the body of the bike. I have tried to shake it out with out any luck. Could you please send me a new washer. Thank you, Merrily Harris


can I get a spare part for my Marcy exercise bike. The bike is between 12 and 15 years old and has the swing arms. the only number I can see on it is a label with 2008 01 19 marked on it. Its the plastic round the left hand arm that is cracked. There are 3 philips screws securing the faulty part. Apart from that the bike is in excellent working condition.

Larry Anderson

My daughter and son-in-law purchased the Marcy recumbent bike, model number NS-40502R. They assembled the product and delivered to me. When I began using it the first time, there was no change in the resistance when I turned the knob. I printed out the manual and checked to make sure it was assembled correctly and found that it was. If the tension cable is not taut when the front post is connected to the main frame, I can’t figure out how it would effect the resistance. What am doing incorrectly

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