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Matrix Exercise Cycle

Matrix Exercise Cycles are easier to adjust, easier to move, easier to service . The bikes are Custom designed seats provide right balance of support and air flow for a cooler and more comfortable workout. They are fitted with simple and intuitive one-hand adjustment allows quick fine-tuning of ride height. Bikes also have Integrated Transport Handle for moving around the facility floor.

Matrix Exercise Cycles

  • H7xi Hybrid
  • H7xe Hybrid
  • H5x Hybrid
  • H3x Hybrid
  • R7xi Recumbent
  • R7xe Recumbent
  • R5xRecumbent
  • R3x Recumbent
  • R1x Recumbent
  • U7xi Upright
  • U7xe Upright
  • U5x Upright
  • U3xi Upright
  • U1x Upright

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