ProForm 490 LE Elliptical

The ProForm 490 LE is equipped with everything you need for performance training, reaching your weight-loss goals and toning your entire body. Featuring iFit® Workout Card Technology, the 490 LE will help you feel great and improve performance in just 8 weeks. The 490 LE cross trainer also features a Compatible Music Port for iPod®, 6 Calorie Workouts, 2 Timed Workouts and an AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan to keep you cool and refreshed. This elliptical also features SpaceSaver® Design so you can easily fold up the pedals and base for nearly 3 feet of extra space.

ProForm 490 LE Elliptical Features

  • SpaceSaver® Design-Quickly fold the 490 LE cross trainer up and out of the way with SpaceSaver® Design.
  • 6 Quick Calorie Workouts (150, 200, 300, 350, 400, 500)-Lose weight with a personalized workout! Simply select the amount of calories you want to burn and the elliptical automatically adjusts your resistance and workout time to meet your goal. Choose between 6 workouts ranging from 150–500 calories to reach your goals. These workouts are designed by a Certified Personal Trainer to deliver maximum results.
  • Blue-Backlit Display with Workout Matrix-Track your progress in real time with this backlit display. This window displays multiple information fields or, for more at-a-glance information, a single display for on-the-fly goal training. Track your speed, time, distance, resistance, calories burned and pulse. This display also features a workout matrix for a graphical representation of your workout.
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod®-Move to the beat of your favorite music with this built-in sound system. Plug your iPod®**, or MP3 Player, into the Interplay™ Music Port for unbeatable sound quality. With the iPod® resting on the console shelf, it’s within easy reach and leaves the controls right at your fingertips
  • iFit® Workout Card Technology-Reach your weight loss goals with iFit® Workout Card Technology in as little as 8 weeks with the included Jillian Michaels weight-loss card! Simply plug the card into the console and the 490 LE Elliptical automatically adjusts the resistance, maximizing your training. And, the voice of Jillian Michaels coaches you through each workout so you stay motivated. With iFit® Workout Card Technology, you’ll reach you fitness goals in no time
  • Dual-Grip EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor-Stay in your target heart rate zone for maximum results! Built-in heart rate sensors help you monitor your heart rate throughout your workout. You’ll stay on track for better, faster results.
  • Odometer-This feature tracks the distance traveled over time and can be reset for individualized training.
  • AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan-Stay cool, fresh and on the road to success with this built-in workout fan. Automatically changing the airflow to match your workout intensity, this fan creates a comfortable workout. Or, if you prefer a definite setting, select low, medium or high.
  • 2 Quick Timed Workouts (20, 30 minutes)-Fit your workout into your schedule with Quick Timed Workouts. Quickly select the amount of time you want to work out and the elliptical automatically adjusts your resistance to meet your goal.
  • Odometer-This feature tracks the distance traveled over time and can be reset for individualized training.

ProForm 490 LE Elliptical Specifications

  • 10 Quick Resistance™ Levels-Increase calorie burn and workout intensity with 10 digital resistance levels. A quick adjustment personalizes your workout and, with SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance, every adjustment is smooth and natural for a comfortable workout.
  • Footprint-68″ L X 27″ W X 67″ H
  • Oversized, Slip-Resistant Pedals-These large pedals allow you a number of different foot positions and provide great stability as you exercise.
  • 250 lb. Weight Capacity-This cross trainer accommodates up to 250 lbs.
  • Warranty-The Pro-Form® 490 LE Elliptical or cross trainer is protected with a 5-Year Frame and 90-Days Parts & Labor Warranty.

List of ProForm 490 LE Elliptical Reviews

Reviews ByToughTrain
Ratings3.5 out of 5
CommentsGood elliptical with average features and comes in a very reasonable price.

ProForm 490 LE Elliptical Cost

Price of ProForm 490 LE Elliptical$499.00
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ProForm 490 LE Elliptical Owner’s Manual, Machine Instruction and User Guide

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12 Responses to “ProForm 490 LE Elliptical”


Not upto the level of expectation that Proform do offer. Not happy with its functionality either….. The only best thing that attracted me was its price. Think well before you buy.


Yeah its a good machine to workout but not upto the standard i was looking for, but still happy, as its running good from the last 9 months and didn’t face any severe issue since then. Better look for some other machine, if you expect some advanced features.

Alex Williams

Enjoying workout with this machine. Its far better than what i expected at this price. Use it 3-4 times a week and thus have no complaint about its functionality nor have faced any kind of trouble yet… so its a fair buy for me. Worth buying


Good cross trainer but not the best. Its a kinda very ordinary machine, nothing special, still beneficial for beginners and general user. Just 4 out of 10.


I Love This Machine it has all the things i needed for my workouts. Burned about 30 pounds of my fat on this machine. Its motor and running belt are awesome. Loving this machine and way more to go for more weight loss. I think one should buy this treadmill. I give 8 out of 10.


Not Good Had Bad Experience with it. It batteries discharged so soon. I would not recommend this one to anyone.


Very frustrated with ProForm and myself too. Should have given it a second thought. The alignment of its pedals are simply irritating. Better go for some other brand.


Great Machine by Proform at amazing reasonable price. It works so well and is value for money deal for me. I would suggest it is the best elliptical in the market at this price range.


@cruise rightly said this machine is great for workouts. I love this machine. It has great built in music system and its various preset programs.

Albert Hall

Genuinely the best buy at this price. Amazing specifications with comfortable handle bar and pedals. Space saver design is one of its prime attractions.

Stella Collins

Trust worthy cross trainer….. Once bought need to worry for another 1-2 years, you rarely see an error. Its space saver design and affordable price, make it one of the first preference for many. Worth recommending….

Andy Charlery

We’ve had the Proform 490 LE for a few years but the pedals have always been very hard to push forward or backwards. Is there something we can do to solve that problem? Would like the pedals to move smoothly without much exertion.

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