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The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl

In January 2001 Shauna Reid was twenty-three years old and twenty-five stone. Determined to turn her life around, she created the hugely successful weblog The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl and, hiding behind her Lycra-clad roly-poly alter-ego, her transformation from couch potato to svelte goddess began. Today, 8,000 miles, seven years and twelve-and-a-half stone later, the gloriously gorgeous Shauna is literally half the woman she used to be.

In turn hysterically funny and heart-wrenchingly honest, The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl follows the twists and turns of Shauna’s lard-busting adventure as she curbs the calories and learns to love the gym.

Author of The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl

Author-Shauna Reid

Price in USD-$10.98


Publication Date-December 30, 2008

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