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BH Fitness Prisma M50 Treadmill

BH Fitness Prisma M50 Treadmill is driven by a 3 HP motor, having a maximum speed limit of 18 kmph. The A-Wings system is a reinterpretation of the treadmill, where each component and device has been redefined for maximum efficiency in terms of cost-effectiveness, space-saving and specifications. BH FITNESS has created the first full-commercial treadmill designed for home use. Enjoy all the features of a professional machine in the comfort of your own home. This residential treadmill has a maximum user capacity of 135Kg / 298 lbs.

BH Fitness Prisma M50 Treadmill Specifications

  • Maximum user Capacity: 135Kg / 298 lbs.
  • Running belt XXL: 126cm / 50” x 55cm / 22”
  • Length: 188cm / 74”
  • Width: 86cm / 34”
  • Height: 137cm / 54”
  • Weight: 85Kg / 187 lbs.
  • Folded vertically: L 95cm / 37” W 86cm / 34” H 154cm / 61”
  • Maximum user Capacity: 135Kg / 298 lbs.

BH Fitness Prisma M50 Treadmill Features

  • Speed and incline handrail buttons- Very useful when running
  • Wireless pulse measurement. Chest belt (optional)-Provides the most accurate pulse rate measurement
  • Electric incline up to 12%- Allows significant variation in intensity of the exercise at any speed. Helps to put your leg and back muscles under load for a through workout
  • Exclusive Plug&Run system- Do not require any assembly. Just unfold, lock and start running
  • Designed for regular use at home- The best choice for beginners and home fitness enthusiasts that want to advance their training
  • 3 HP motor (peak)- Provides a quiet yet powerful speed between 1 and 18 km/h
  • Incline and speed instant keys- Helps to control speed and incline intensity
  • Blue Backlit LCD monitor with 9 pre-set profiles, 3 profiles to customize (uPrg) and 3 more programs with objectives (time, distance or calories)
    Challenging programs to help you meet your goals
  • 8 elastomers cushioning system enhanced by PCS technology- Prevents muscle and joints injuries
  • Contact pulse measurement system- Provides targets for advance training

BH Fitness Prisma M50 Treadmill Cost

The latest cost of BH Fitness Prisma M50 Treadmill will be updated soon.

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