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True Fitness Residential Treadmills

RESIDENTIAL ES SERIES Treadmills The TRUE ES900 treadmill, built on a commercial platform, is the perfect marriage of rugged, enduring power and sleek, graceful design, offering the highest standard of performance, durability and innovation. The end result is a product that is both inspired and inspirational, rewarding your purchase before you even begin your first workout. List of True Fitness ES Series Treadmills
  • True Fitness ES900 Treadmill
RESIDENTIAL PS Series TREADMILLS The newly redesigned PS series treadmills offer an enhanced profile, plus the best in performance and features that you have come to expect from TRUE. TRUE PS treadmills are manufactured with commercial-grade materials and the finest components for superior durability. List of True Fitness PS Series Treadmills

True M SERIES Treadmills These sleek new compact foot prints are some of the smallest in the industry, maximizing every square inch of space. As in TRUE tradition, the “M” Series provides a softer deck cushion on front where foot impact takes place while providing dependable firm foot push off towards the back. List of True Fitness M Series Treadmills

True Fitness Z SERIES TREADMILLS TRUE Z treadmills offer the pinnacle of TRUE quality in some of the most space efficient machines on the market. Designed to fit into your lifestyle without overtaking it, these machines offer not only a small footprint and low step-up height, but a proven belt and deck combination, further enhanced by TRUE’s Soft Select system. List of True Fitness Z Series Treadmills

True Fitness Commercial Treadmills

CS Series Commercial TREADMILLS
TRUE CS treadmills are the pinnacle of TRUE precision craftsmanship. They have been engineered to be reliable, durable and require minimal maintenance.

List of True Fitness CS Series Treadmills

PS SERIES Commercial Treadmills TRUE PS treadmills are manufactured with commercial-grade materials and the finest components for superior durability. These machines offer an array of features sure to match any and all of your workout needs. List of True Fitness PS Series Treadmills

LC Series Commercial TREADMILLS
TRUE’s LC treadmills offer a wide range of versatile features and sleek designs to fit the varied nature of commercial applications. We understand that premium equipment can make the difference between added value and added expense.

List of True Fitness LC Series Treadmills

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