Technogym Jog Forma Treadmill

Technogym Jog Forma Treadmill

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Technogym Jog Forma Treadmill

Jog Forma is a special kind of treadmill that is highly suitable for marathon participants. It offers the same effect as jogging in open air. This treadmill can also be used for a general cadio exercise.

Jog Forma treadmill is driven by a motor that has a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour and is well appreciated for its space saver design.


Min Speed (km/h | mph) 0,4 | 0.25
Max speed (km/h | mph) 18 | 11.2
Incline (Min) 0%
Incline (Max) 15%
Length (mm | in) 210 | 83
Width (mm | in) 86 | 34
Height (mm | in) 150 | 59
Weight (kg | lbs) 164 | 361
Running surface height above ground (mm | in) 21 | 8
Running Surface (Length) (mm | in) 151 | 56
Running Surface (Width) (mm | in) 51 | 19
Engine Power (Peak) 6.0 HP
Energy Consumption 50 VA
Maximum user weight (kg | lbs) 180 | 396
HR Monitoring Telemetry
Available Programs 5 – Quick Start, Goals (Tempo; Distanza; Calorie),CPR
Goal training Time, Distance, Calories

Technogym Jog Forma Treadmill Cost

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Technogym Jog Forma Treadmill Owner’s Manual, Machine Assembly Instruction and User Guide

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