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StreetStrider Eclipse

The Eclipse is the latest StreetStrider model, comes in one bright color: Apple Red. It features the revolutionary chainless Hartmann Hub, eliminating messy chain maintenance.The single speed transmission equivalent to gear 6 of the Summit 8r and gear 2 of the Sprinter 3r makes the Eclipse great for striding on flat terrain and slight hills. The Eclipse also features a quick-release fold mechanism allowing you to fold it down in just seconds. The rear caliper brake provides strong stopping power and the compact lighter weight chromoly steel frame will support riders up to 250 pounds. StreetSrider Eclipse Can also be used for indoor exercise.

Features of StreetStrider Eclipse Elliptical Cross trainer

  • 250 lb Weight Capacity
  • Rear Caliper Brake
  • Stable 3-Wheel Platform
  • Intuitive Lean-To-Steer System
  • Extended Foot Platforms for Optimal Foot Placement
  • Revolutionary Chainless Single Speed Hartmann Hub
  • Elliptical Foot Path for Lower Body Workout
  • Optional Universal Trainer Stand for Indoor Use
  • Optional Roll-on Hitch Rack for Transportation
  • Reciprocating Arm levers for Upper Body Workout
  • Quick-Release Adjustable Arm Lever Positioning for Rider Comfort
  • Quick-Release Fold Mechanism with Telescoping Right Strider Ski for Easy Transport and Storage
  • Water Bottle Cage
  • Available Color: Apple Red

Eclipse Technical Specifications

  • Frame:4130 Chromoly Steel
  • Length: 61″ / 1549 mm
  • Width: 29″ / 711 mm
  • Height: 50-58″ / 1270-1473 mm
  • Height Folded: 24″ / 610 mm
  • Weight: 44 lb / 20 kg
  • Track: 26″ / 660 mm
  • Wheelbase: 42″ / 1067 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 3.5″ / 89 mm
  • Turning Radius: 6 ft / 1.83 m
  • Crank Length: 6.7″ / 170 mm
  • Stride Length: 13.4″ / 340 mm
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lb / 113.4 kg
  • Front Wheels Specifications Tires: 16 x 1 3/8 (37 – 349), 80 psi

  • Rims: Double-walled rims, black spokes
  • Top Velocity (Speed of Eclipse StreetSrtider)
    Single gear at 60 rpm: 13 mph / 21 kph
    , Single gear at 80 rpm: 18 mph /29 kph

Benifites of StreetStrider Eclipse Elliptical Cross trainer

  • Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core Workout
  • Builds Muscle
  • Weight Bearing
  • Natural Upright Posture
  • Burns 1,000+ Calories an Hour
  • Low Joint Impact
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Green Transportation
  • Fun For The Whole Family

StreetStrider Eclipse Cost

The latest cost of StreetStrider Eclipse will be updated soon.

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One Response to “StreetStrider Eclipse”

tbone mcdaddy:

The eclipse model has a huge flaw if you weigh over 200 lbs. It is NOT engineered to prevent splitting front tire tubes!!The repaired tubes that I purchased from Streetstrider directly(plus 4 more from, were just the tip of the iceberg on a big problem. I called the tech at the Streetstrider several times about a CONSTANT FLAT TIRE issue! He claims that they experienced “no problem” with the eclipse model in that regard. I bought the unit new from a lady who had it shipped to her last year. She had a flat on it. No problem I thought- was a good deal – so changed it and proceeded. FIVE new tires in the front tires! ( flat about every 3rd ride!) The tube would split on the seam facing the rim- even after I added proper fabric tween the rim line and tube! In spite of perfect inflation it split due to too much stress on tube. ( I weigh 230) THAT is the reason they discontinued this model!!!! And streetstrider wont admit it to anyone! When a class action starts, I will definitely participate! they are despicable POS business people!!!

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