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A StreetStrider has been described lots of different ways, an elliptical on wheels, a fitness machine, a new fitness bike, or even a fitness bike/elliptical for outdoors.

Popular Punch lines of StreetStrider

  • Street Strider 2 in 1 Elliptical (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Elliptical Machine on Wheels
  • The Elliptical that moves you

What is StreetStrider?

The StreetStrider is a new mobile elliptical trainer invented by David W. Kraus, former Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The StreetStrider consists of a T-shaped lower frame to which two front wheels and a rear wheel containing a drive assembly are attached, and an upright frame to which two reciprocating arm levers are attached.

Two elongated foot platforms on either side of the lower frame are attached to cranks as part of the drive assembly, which, as with bicycle drivetrain systems, also includes a hub, a rotating axle, and an internal hub gear system translating the axle rotation to the hub. The lower end of each arm lever is attached to the front end of each foot platform, which, by connection in the rear to the rotating crank arm and in the front to the pivoting arm lever, moves generally in an elliptical path. The device also includes a leaning mechanism for steering, as well as brakes and multiple gearing.

StreetStrider Products

  • StreetStrider Summit 8r ($2099)
  • StreetStrider Sprinter 3r ($1699)
  • StreetStrider Eclipse ($1099)
  • StreetStrider Jet for Kids ($499)

Reasons to stride with StreetStrider

  • Burn the maximum calories and lose weight.
  • Shed pounds and inches.
  • Maximize your workouts by using your whole body to burn more calories.
  • The StreetStrider is the Best Total Body Workout that many have found to maximize calorie burn outside of the gym. The StreetStrider is a true, total body workout.
  • You will feel your arms, legs, back, and core work.
  • Whether you are just starting a weight-loss and exercise program or you’re someone who is sick of the gym, the StreetStrider Mobile Elliptical Trainer delivers a fun, safe, cardiovascular workout.
  • Check out more advantages of Street Strider

StreetStider Limited Warranty

  • Frames: (Frame, Strider Skis, Strider Poles) StreetStrider frames are warranted by StreetStrider International LLC, 204 West Spear Street, Carson City, Nevada 89703, against manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of three years from the date of original purchase.
  • Components: Components are warranted by their original manufacturer and not by StreetStrider International LLC. The Hartmann Chainless Hub is warranted for a period of one year according to the Sunrace Sturmey Archer warranty: Joint bearings, drive parts, frame fixtures and finishes (paint and decals) are warranted against manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of one year and according to the individual components’ manufacturers, from the date of the original retail purchase.

Return Policy of StreetStrider
There is a 30-day money back guarantee on all StreetStriders and products purchased from us in the case that you are unsatisfied for any reason. The 30-day money back guarantee period begins the day you receive your StreetStrider and/or product, either by the shipping company* or, if you elected to receive our White Glove Service, by the bike shop.

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