ST Fitness Benches

ST Fitness Benches

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ST Fitness Benches

ST Fitness offers various types of benches for your workouts like incline benches , abs benches, curl benches and many more. Experience ST Fitness benches for the most streamlined, smooth and efficient way to strengthen the moves you make.

ST Fitness Benches

  • 8510 Utility Bench
  • 8513 Deluxe Flat to Incline bench
  • 8514 Flat to Incline bench
  • 8521 Multi Ab bench
  • 8522 Vertical Knee Raise
  • 8525 Multi-hyper extension
  • 8531 Preacher Curl bench
  • 8540 Olympic Fold up Bench

Contact Information

ST Fitness
1844 Nelson Rd., Suite D
Longmont, CO 80501
Technical Support
Hot Line:  1 800 503 1221
FAX: 1-303-776-4633

Official Website–

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