Precor 932i Commercial Treadmill

Precor 932i Commercial Treadmill

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Precor 932i Commercial Treadmill

The 932i is a durable, low-impact Precor treadmill and includes the essential features members need in an affordable package. Equipped with Integrated Footplant Technology™ (IFT) and Ground Effects® (GFX) impact control system, users are ensured a dynamic and rewarding workout.

Precor 932i Commercial Treadmill Equipment Specifications

  • Speed Range (mph / km/h) : 1-12 mph / 1-20 km/h
  • Decline / Incline Range : 0% - 15% in 0.5% increments
  • Motor : IFT-Drive controller works with a 4 HP peak duty AC induction motor for a smooth, natural feel. 3-phase, sensorless variable frequency drive technology for high reliability and accurate speed control.

  • Maximum User Weight (lbs / kg) : 350 lbs / 159 kg
  • Step-up Height (inches / cm) : 7.5 inches / 19 cm
  • Running Surface (L X W) (inches / cm) : 22 X 56 inches / 56 X 142 cm
  • Roller Diameter (inches / cm) : 2.5 inches / 6.4 cm
  • Power Cord Management : Power cord management system includes pre-drilled holes underneath the frame siderails and snap-in cord clips.
  • Handrail Length (inches / cm) : 11.5 inches / 29.2 cm
  • Length : 79 inches / 204 cm
  • Width : 34 inches / 86 cm
  • Height : 59 inches / 150 cm
  • Height with PVS : 73 inches / 186 cm
  • Equipment Weight : 331 lbs / 150 kg

Precor 932i Commercial Treadmill Features

  • Ground Effects® Impact Control System : Ground Effects® impact control system helps decrease impact on joints and reduces lateral motion.
    Integrated Footplant Technology™ : Integrated Footplant Technology™ makes each step feel more natural, balanced and in control.
  • Deck and Belt : Deck is a one-inch Slik-Dek bed composed of 52 lb high-density fiberboard core with phenolic laminate bonded on both sides. Can be flipped to double life. Deck and belt require no external lubrication. Rear-deck hinges and front cushioning create a laterally stable platform, reducing shock to the user and providing firm push off.
  • Reversible Deck : Yes
  • Elevation System : Elevation system generates up to 1000 lbs of thrust and operates in compression for reliable operation.
  • Rollers : Steel tapered rollers keep the belt centered to reduce maintenance and noise.
  • Frame : Two-step powder-coating process applies rust-resistant undercoat and cosmetic topcoat to steel frame.
  • Emergency Stop : Yes. Safety clip attached to emergency stop switch to immediately turn off power, bringing treadmill to a gentle stop. Stop switch has no magnet to lose and has a guard to prevent inadvertent activation.
  • Power-Factor Correction : No
  • Accessories Holder(s) : Yes
  • Transport Wheels : Integrated
  • Cable Management : Optional
  • Console Type : Streamlined / Advanced LED Display
  • Tactile Dome Keys : Yes
  • QuickStart™ : Yes
  • Numeric Keypad : Yes
  • Console Language(s) : English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Romanized Russian
  • Units Selection : Metric or U.S. Standard
  • Preset Programs : 7 programs accessed directly by 6 buttons: Manual Interval Basic Heart Rate Control Weight Loss Random Track Gerkin Fitness Test
  • Number of Programs : 7
  • Touch : Touch heart rate sensors located conveniently on handlebars.
  • Telemetry : Equipped for heart rate telemetry reading using a chest strap.
  • SmartRate® : Yes


  • Frame : 7 years
  • Parts (mechanical & electronic) : 2 years
  • Wear Items : 1 year
  • Display Face : 5 years
  • AC Motor : 5 years
  • Labor : 1 year

Precor 932i Commercial Treadmill Cost

Price of Precor 932i Commercial Treadmill in USD: $4,895.00
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Precor 932i Commercial Treadmill Owner’s Manual, Machine Assembly Instruction and User Guide

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