Pro2 Series Lat Pulldown

Pro2 Series Lat Pulldown

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Pro2 Series Lat Pulldown

Pro2 Series Lat Pulldown is a strength machine for back and shoulder exercises. It has adjustable thigh pads to provide stability and comfort. Pro2 Series Lat Pulldown also has a straight-bar with angled ends ensures correct arm and wrist position throughout motion.

Pro2 Series Lat Pulldown Features

  • Powerful and Simple
  • Touch Magnetic Weight Pins
  • Stable training positions
  • Ideal for demanding enviroment
  • Intuitive Instructional Placards
  • Equipment Choice

Pro2 Series Lat Pulldown Specifications

  • Machine Weight– 545 lbs (247 kg)
  • Weight Stack– 295 lbs (138 kg)
  • Dimension (LxWxH)- 54" x 33" x 89" (137 cm x 84 cm x 226 cm)
  • Frame– Its 11-gauge steel frame ensures maximum
  • Cushioning– Contoured cushions provides superior comfort and durability
  • Hand Grips– Hand grips are an extruded thermo rubber compound that is non-absorbing and wear-and-tear resistant; Grips retained with aluminum collars preventing them from slipping during use
  • Adjustments– Optional adjustment start on Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Seated Leg Curl, and Back Extension; Roller mechansim on seat adjustment provides smooth operation
  • Instructional Placards– Its easy to follow and get effective workout.
  • Shrouds– Standard rear shroud on SE models; Optional full front shroud on SE models
  • Cables and Pulleys– Has 7 x 19 strand construction, lubricated, nylon-coated cable and 4-1/2" (11cm) and 6" (15 cm) diameter fiberglass-impregnated nylon pulleys.


  • 10-year– Frame
  • 5-year– Pulleys, weight plates, and guide rods
  • 1-year– Grips, bearings and cables
  • 90-days- Upholstery, hardware and springs

Pro2 Series Lat Pulldown Cost

The latest cost of Pro2 Series Lat Pulldown will be updated soon.

Pro2 Series Lat Pulldown Owner’s Manual, Machine Assembly Instruction and User Guide

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