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Life Fitness

Life Fitness is a renowned brand based in US began over 40 years ago with a vision of creating different kind of fitness equipment. They made their vision into reality by producing the world’s first electronic piece of fitness equipment, the Life Cycle Exercise Bike. Their long-standing commitment to unselfish product development and partnership has resulted in the global leader in the commercial fitness industry with over 400 different products delivered to thousands of commercial and home fitness customers worldwide.

The international sales and distribution teams of Life fitness are well known for their dedicated services which go beyond just bringing you great fitness equipment, by developing a true partnership to help you achieve your business goal.Life Fitness’ dedication is to continue progressing better, and create more effective fitness equipment to help our customers who choose to become fit, or to provide a healthy lifestyle to others. They want their customers to invest in great products means more than just innovation for innovation’s sake.

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Life Fitness is committed to produce quality equipments which are displayed each and every day, by dedicating more people and resources to make sure that their product are great and perform safely. That they have the best industrial design on the market, with highest reliability and sturdiness built in.


Life Fitness products price starts from $2499 dollars.Life Fitness provides 7-year limited warranty on shock absorbers; 2-year on all electrical components; 1-year limited warranty on all mechanical components and labor, 7-year limited warranty on motor and frame, Optional Attachable TV: 2-year limited warranty/electrical and mechanical parts; 90 days for labor

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Life Fitness
5100 North River Road
Schiller Park, IL 60176

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