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Kettler Golf P Eco Exercise Bike

The KETTLER Golf P Eco exercise bike has a generator driven power system , that mean it has no batteries or mains connection, as a result reduce user carbon footprint. This exercise bike generate the power user require to power the computer and resistance.Kettler Golf P Eco Exercise Bike also has a state of the art computer which provides heart rate light to indicate a safe level of exercising .

  • Blue = Not hard enough,
  • Green = Ideal zone,
  • Red = Too hard.

There are 8 programs to keep you motivated. This exercise bike has 15 stages of resistance whcih are computer controlled.

Kettler Golf P Eco Exercise Bike Specifications

  • Computer: Back lit LCD changes colour to red when maximum heart rate is exceeded. 8 pre set programs
  • Functions: Continuous display of 8 functions. Pulse recovery setting.
  • Handlebars: Adjustable handlebars with ergonomic 3D-flex shape. Inclination of cockpit adjustable
  • Flywheel: approx 9kg
  • Brake: Motor controlled resistance with 15 stages
  • Saddle: Horizontally and vertically adjustable saddle. Especially wide and low access, with new gravity pedals with straps.
  • Keys: Sweat resistant keys.
  • Pulse measurement: via adjustable hand sensors. Cardio pulse set available as optional extra.
  • Colour: light and dark grey, and red.
  • Transport: New large transport castors at front.
  • Energy required to power the bike is self generated during exercise. This feature ensures great portability and no need for batteries.
  • Maximum load: 150 kg
  • Product weight: 40.2kg.
  • Built dimensions: 110x53x135cm.
  • German build quality, 3 year warranty (conditions apply).

List of Kettler Golf P Eco Exercise Bike Reviews

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ToughTrain 3.5 out of 5 This exercise bike have above than average features and available in a very descent price.

Kettler Golf P Eco Exercise Bike Cost

Price of Kettler Golf P Eco Exercise Bike in USD: $843.92
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