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The Kids Yoga Book Of Feelings

The Kids Yoga Book Of Feelings is a basic Yoga book for kids. In this Yoga book of Maryhumphry different poses of Yoga are described. Each of the poses described has an animal or familiar object linked to the feeling it expresses. In addition, there's an affirmation about the feeling being released. For example, as you assume the pose of the polar bear, you say, "I feel balanced and grounded," just as a polar bear stands firmly on a patch of ice.

Mary Humphery, the author of this book is a school Librarian and a Yoga teacher. She has enabled the art of yoga and other mind/body techniques into the classroom. She has an experience of more than 30 years in teaching Yoga.

Author of The Kids Yoga Book Of Feelings

Author-Mary Humphery

Price in USD-$146.11

Publication Date-March 1, 2008

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